Eileen Gu's 5-Step Fitness Plan

Eileen Gu in a strapless dress with brown hair and highlights.
Getty | Arturo Holmes/MG22

Eileen Gu is one of the superstar athletes of the Beijing 2022 Olympics. Having won three Olympic medals in freestyle skiing, Gu proved that she is truly a top-tier athlete that deserves her success.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too

She Trains Hard

The Chinese-American skier who is also an IMG model is a "work animal", according to one of her coaches, Misra Noto Tornianen. She spends hours practicing on the slopes and doesn't stop until she has reached her goal, even during bad days.

"We go outside skiing, even on bad days. We always try to achieve something, work on something, try to make the best out of the day, and she really goes up on the mountain every day, wants to show her best, to deliver, and learn, learn, learn," Tornianen said in an interview for Olympics.com.

She Runs Regularly

To keep her body strong, Gu exercises regularly, even during the offseason. One of her favorite cross-training activities is long-distance running.

Before she became a world-class skier, Eileen was a competitive cross-country runner for seven years. She loves running until now and has incorporated it into her daily routine.

According to a study from the Mayo Clinic, running six miles a week can add 3-6 years to your life. Adding walking and running into your fitness routine is beneficial to your heart health and also decreases the risk of getting cancer.

She Eats A Healthy Diet

Eileen Gu wearing a black strapless leather dress with a wall of roses behind her.
Getty | Cindy Ord/MG22

Gu shared via Olympics that she has a really fast metabolism but she still makes sure to keep her diet in check. With the help of a nutritionist, she structures her meals based on her training. She treats herself to a cookie or chocolates from time to time but makes sure that her food intake is balanced.

"I think it's all about balance," she said. "But a little bit of everything just keeps me happy and keeps me focused on skiing and not craving all sorts of food."

She Doesn't Listen To Critics

Eileen Gu wearing a red-and-white jacket at an awarding ceremony.
Getty | Fred Lee

After her choice to represent China in the Olympics, San Francisco-native Gu found herself in the middle of controversy. She has spoken about her love for her dual citizenship and has managed to remain gracious despite the hate she receives.

"I'm American when I'm in the US, and I'm Chinese when I'm in China," Gu said. "I have been very outspoken about my gratitude to both the US and China for making me the person I am."

She Sleeps 10 Hours A Day

Her best tip for a healthy mind and body is to get the right amount of sleep. She might have a busy schedule jet-setting around the globe, attending fashion shoots, and training on the slopes but she still makes sure to get 10 hours of sleep! Gu shared via Vogue that sleep is a "secret weapon" that has been in her routine since she was a kid.

"My secret weapon is that since childhood, I have every night, had 10 hours of sleep. That’s how I grew up."

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