Goldie Hawn Flaunts Fit Figure At 76

Goldie Hawn with wavy hair and bangs.
Getty | Steve Granitz

Goldie Hawn may have found the fountain of youth because at 76 years old, she is still a glowing goddess. The veteran actress shared the spotlight with daughter Kate Hudson in a campaign, flaunting her amazingly fit figure and still-perfect legs.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Has Great Genes

For Stuart Weitzman's 'Live Every Moment' campaign, Goldie posed with her daughter Kate, who stars in the brand's Spring 2022 campaign. The two ladies snuggled next to each other wearing cozy outfits with their Weitzman heels.

It's pretty obvious that good genes run in this family! They are blessed with natural beauty and charm, which makes them even more attractive.

She Dances All The Time

Dancing is one of Goldie's favorite things to do and she incorporates it into her daily routine, even while doing chores.

In an Instagram post, the actress showed off her impressive dance moves as she was doing the dishes with her fam. She reminded her followers that dance can make housework a lot more fun.

"Washing dishes doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a dance! 💃🏼 It’s all up to us ❤️🍽," she captioned her post.

She Likes To Keep Active

Goldie Hawn riding a bike on the road.
Getty | BG004/Bauer-Griffin

Aside from dancing at home, she also loves to bike, walk and run. Outdoor activities that get the heart pumping are always part of her regular routine.

"I try to stay positive and be very, very active. I walk every day and I run and do all kinds of that," she told Women's Health. Even when she is busy, she makes sure to do 15-minute intervals of simple exercises, so she can still get her body moving.

She Spends Time In Nature

To relieve stress and unwind, Goldie likes to spend time around nature with her family. She shared that she still does spontaneous road trips with her husband and the two often find themselves seeking respite in nature.

According to scientific studies, spending time in nature has physical and psychological benefits. Just taking a stroll through a park for a few minutes can instantly boost your mood and reduce stress.

She Prioritizes Mental Health

Mental health is a top priority for the Oscar-winning actress, who is also the founder of MindUp - an organization that helps children learn the essential tools to manage stress and regulate their emotions.

Goldie created the program with a team of experts after the 9/11 tragedy and it is now being taught in schools around the world.

Keeping her mental health in check is important for Goldie, who admitted to having dealt with depression when she was in her 20s. Now, she radiates positivity and champions emotional wellness, helping millions along the way.

"Happiness is an interesting thing, because it's a state of mind," she explained in an interview with Insider. "Happiness is something that we actually look at, we churn it like you churn butter and create butter and cream out of milk. You literally have to understand that happiness is a choice."

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