Nastia Liukin In Bathing Suit Snuggles With New Boyfriend

Nastia Liukin posing sideways and sporting hoop earrings.
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Nastia Liukin shared one of the reasons why she has been glowing from the inside out. The ex-Olympian took to Instagram to proudly make her new relationship public, posting sweet photos from their romantic vacation.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Takes Care Of Her Heart

The 32-year-old gymnast makes sure to take care of her heart, just as well as she does her body. In an Instagram post, Nastia revealed the new man who has been making her smile.

The couple was captured snuggling up to each other while relaxing on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Their Costa Rican adventure was filled with gorgeous views, afternoon cocktails, and lots of sweet moments.

"the best days (with you) here," Nastia captioned her Instagram post.

She Makes Time For Dates

With several brand partnerships and a thriving modeling career, Nastia is a busy gal. But, date night with her new beau is always a priority.

Whether they are jet-setting to a remote location or doing a themed party, Nastia makes an effort to spend time with her man.

The couple recently did a 90s-themed prom date, complete with throwback hair and a corsage. Followers gushed over their prom pics on Instagram and praised the happy couple.

She Reinvents Herself

While Nastia's blonde hair has always been her signature look, she's not afraid to try out a completely different style to spice things up.

Last year, she shocked her fans with a daring change of hair color and went from blonde to dark brown.

Dark-haired Nastia only lasted for a couple of months. She went back to being blonde in January, surprising her fans once again.

She Has An Active Lifestyle

Nastia retired from gymnastics back in 2012 but she has kept an active lifestyle throughout the years.

"I try to work out almost every day. I love pilates, I love hot yoga, SoulCycle, just going for a run. If I cant get out to do a class, in my house, I do squats, pushups, a little circuit. There’s really no excuse," she told Hollywood Life.

According to Mayo Clinic, it is ideal to do at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. Additionally, reducing the time spent sitting is also advisable. The more hours you spend sitting, the higher your risk of getting metabolic problems.

She Never Gives Up

Challenges don't scare this five-time Olympic medalist! She knows that she can just shake it off and try again, just like her dog Harley who experienced a minor mishap on the balance beam in Nastia's recent post.

"like i always say: every single one of us will fall on our face (or back) literally or figuratively at some point in our life. what you have to figure out is, do I pick myself up, keep going, and finish what I’ve started? Or do I crawl under the balance beam?" Nastia shared on Instagram.

"Be like HARLEY - get back up, shake it off, and try again 🙃"

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