Chanel West Coast In Bathing Suit Wants To 'Break' Instagram

Chanel Wes Coast
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Chanel West Coast revealed her plans to "break" Instagram algorithms, with the help of her followers. Sporting a colorful bathing suit, the rapper made a simple request to her 3.6 million fans on the platform.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Wants To Break Instagram

The 33-year-old welcomed Easter with a stunning bikini photo at the Revolve Festival. Chanel showcased her amazing figure in the multicolored printed bikini-and-skirt combo, which perfectly matched the background of her pic.

"Chillin @revolve festival 💖🧡 Like & comment to help me break these algorithms lol 🙏🏼," she captioned her post, asking for more engagement from her followers so she can defy Instagram's complicated algorithm.

She Knows How To Connect With Fans

Chanel is a total Instagram expert. While she has voiced out several times that she's unimpressed with the social media platform's rules and regulations, she still maintains a strong presence on Insta and uses it to connect with her fans.

From travel photos and fashion fits to music videos, Chanel has hundreds of post to entertain her followers.

She Gets Motivated By Her Haters

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Haters do not phase her. As she said in an interview with In Touch, she is fueled by online trolls.

"I dedicate my perseverance and ambition to my haters, honestly, because as much as I love my fans and I dedicate so much to them as well it’s really the hate that makes you go, ‘I’m going to prove you wrong.’"

She Loves To Work Out

To keep her body fit and healthy, Chanel makes sure to work out regularly. Some of her favorite exercises are squats, lunges, side planks and resistance band training to tone her leg and glute muscles.

"You need to work out! I mean, a lot of people like to start themselves on cute diets, but the truth is you can really eat whatever you want as long as you workout on a daily basis," she shared on an interview with Hollywood Life.

She Eats Whatever She Wants

Because she works out so much, she doesn't really need to cut back too much on her calorie intake.

"I try to eat healthy, but since I work out, I still enjoy a large pizza by myself! But In & Out burgers and all those things, you can have those as long as you work out," she told Hollywood Life.

It is advisable to replace high-calorie foods with healthier alternatives for better weight management, says Mayo Clinic. Healthy eating, combined with regular physical activity is the best way to maintain a healthy weight.

She Learned How To Meditate

Chanel admitted in an interview with Flaunt that the pandemic was tough on her mental health and it led her to practice meditaion to help with stress and anxiety.

"At some point during the pandemic, I might've been going crazy. It was all the time I spent at home, people sending me conspiracy stuff...That type of stuff was driving me crazy, so I started to get into mediation. Meditation has changed my life honestly," she explained.

She Showcases All Her Talents

While music has always been her first love, Chanel didn't stick to just one arena. She decided it was better to be a triple threat, so she showcased everything she could do for her audience.

"I think that – especially these days – people get bored so easily and there is so much content that it’s much better to be a triple-threat and do more than one thing... if you have multiple talents I think that’s going to go a lot further these days because people want content and they want to be entertained, and the more you do the better,” she said via The Village Voice.

She Worked Hard To Prove Herself

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Her road to success was paved with a lot of challenges but Chanel worked extra hard to prove that she had talent, looks, and personality. The Ridicoulousness host explained to The Village Voice that being in a reality TV show had been a setback for her music career but she never gave up.

"I really, really worked my ass off to use the visibility I had as major leverage, but it was hard… some people don’t take you seriously as a musician when you’re on reality-type television."

She Takes Cannabis

In an interview with Flaunt, Chanel admitted to being "a big stoner". She enjoys smoking cannabis but doesn't talk about it too much because she is afraid of being a bad influence to her younger fans.

"I’m the biggest stoner ever. I’m down with talking about it on your show, other people’s shows, but I don’t really post or talk about it much. Because in the past, I’ve had things removed. It’s better. Even though my music fanbase is more mature, I’ve realized I’m on a TV show that kids watch too. Parents watch it with their kids!"

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