Jennifer Lopez In Bathing Suit 'Activates' Summer Mode

Jennifer Lopez sporting a tight top bun and smiling at the camera.
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Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for summer in her latest Instagram post. The 52-year-old musician treated her 210 million followers to a sizzling look at how she is preparing for the sunny season.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Knows How To Work It

She certainly knows how to work the camera and give angles that would best showcase her amazing body. Sporting a black string bikini, a kimono-style cover-up, and nude high heels, Jennifer is making it known that she is so ready for hot girl summer.

"Summer mode: activated. 😎🖤," Lopez captioned the post, flaunting her cleavage and washboard abs, which impressed over 2.8 million fans on Instagram.

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She Works Out Harder And Smarter

Jen shared in an interview with In Style that she thinks she is in the best shape of her life right now, thanks to her wiser approach to fitness and health.

"I also think I'm in the best shape of my life. In my 20s and 30s I used to work out but not like I do now. It's not that I work out more; I just work out harder and smarter. And it doesn't take me as long as it did in the past."

She Exercises For The Right Reasons

Mindset is a key element in your journey to fitness. For Jennifer, health trumps looks! She shared to In Style that she has shifted to a different mindset, which helped greatly in achieving her fitness goals.

"I do it more for my health than I do for looks, which is funny. When you do things for the right reasons, you actually look better!"

She Does Activities That Make Her Happy

Dance is one of Jennifer's greatest loves and she makes sure she always has time for it.

"I am 100 percent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy. Dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body and do something that's so good for me is key to my happiness," she told Hello magazine.

She Doesn't Drink Or Smoke

Jennifer Lopez with a tight ponytail and wearing a turtleneck outfit.
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While she sometimes takes a sip for celebratory toasts, Jen is quite particular about eating healthy. She doesn't drink, smoke, or have coffee, which is why her skin is still radiant and glowing in her 50s.

"I don't drink or smoke or have caffeine... That really wrecks your skin as you get older," she told Us Weekly.

Smoking can cause wrinkles, uneven skin complexion, crow's feet, deep creases, and puffiness around the eyes, says Mayo Clinic. If you want to delay skin aging, stay away from nicotine and other chemicals.

She Washes Her Face After Workouts

Another reason why Jen's skin is always glowing is that she is pretty meticulous about skincare. She told Hello that keeping her face clean is a top priority.

"I always, always wash my face after a workout. That helps keep my pores clean and my skin feeling healthy. Then I'll usually put on moisturiser and sunscreen, with maybe a little make-up if I'm going out or moisturiser and eye cream if it's the evening." 

She Gets Enough Sleep

Jennifer Lopez with a top bun and wearing an asymmetrical outfit.
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The mom of twins admitted that her life can be hectic but she always makes sure to get a good night's rest. In an interview with Independent, she shared that she doesn't feel right when she hasn't slept well.

"I love a good nine or 10 hours, but I can never get that," she said. "So seven or eight is mandatory. [If I don't get it] I just don't feel right. I start feeling crazy, I get emotional and I feel tired all the time."

She Eats A Lot Of Berries

Lopez once launched a fitness competition, where participants got personalized fitness programs, expert nutritional advice, and healthy recipes. The singer shared one of her go-to recipes for a breakfast smoothie with People. The yummy and easy-to-make drink included strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey, and fresh lemon juice.

"I don’t deprive myself,” said Jennifer. “But I’ve learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I always have healthy snacks like fruit and vegetables with me.”

She Has A Greater Purpose

In the trailer of her documentary titled Halftime, which comes out on Netflix this June 14, Jen revealed in an emotional clip that she wasn't chasing fame, money, or awards. Her ultimate goal is to connect with her audience and inspire them to feel.

"I do this, not for an award. No, I do this to connect with people and make them feel things because I want to feel something," she was captured saying. "I really feel like my life is just beginning."

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