Aly Raisman In Bathing Suit Promotes Body Positivity

Aly Raisman sporting a tight ponytail and pink lips.
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Aly Raisman is a pint-sized athlete with a big heart. Sporting a statement bathing suit, the two-time Olympian used her Instagram platform to share an important message to her followers, while looking fierce and radiant.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Uses Her Platform For Good

With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Aly has a powerful voice on the platform. She constantly uses her influence to support worthy causes that are close to her heart. To celebrate International Women's Day back in 2018, the gymnast partnered with Aerie for a campaign that promotes body positivity.

"So thankful to be a part of Aerie's effort to promote body positivity and women's empowerment--and for supporting the #FlipTheSwitch," Aly said while posing in a one-piece bathing suit with a 'survivor' statement print.

She Exercises Her Legs

She might have stepped back from competitive gymnastics but Aly still lives an active lifestyle. Her legs have remained toned and strong even after her retirement.

To keep in shape, Aly always trains her legs. Among her favorite leg exercises are box jumps and step-ups, which target the muscles in the legs, hamstrings, and buttocks.

Aly shared an easy-to-follow leg workout routine on Insta, sharing some tips to do the exercises properly.

Her advice: "Workouts aren’t one size fits all. Do what ever feels right for you & take it one day at a time."

She Finds Motivation To Exercise At Home

It can be difficult to maintain a regular workout schedule at home but Aly finds the motivation to do productive exercises even when she is stuck inside the house.

Together with fellow athlete Michael Phelps and their partner brand, Aly shared a series of her favorite home workouts. She posted a video clip of her home exercises, which included hip dips, calf raises, lunges, and crunches.

She Does Pilates

Another one of her favorite exercises is Pilates. In a lengthy Instagram post, Aly shared that she used to feel depleted after intense workouts, which left her frustrated. This had her seeking out different activities, leading her to Pilates.

"What I like about Pilates is that you can work on muscles individually & go at your own pace," Aly explained in the post. "When I am struggling with low energy or anxiety, Pilates helps me feel more present & connected to my body."

According to Better Health, the muscles are never worked to exhaustion in Pilates, just intense concentration, which makes the exercise suitable for anyone. With regular repetitions of the Pilates method, you can improve flexibility, increase muscle strength, improve spine stabilization, and reduce stress and anxiety.

She Does Flower Arrangements

When she is in need of a slow, relaxing day, Aly turns to her hobby of flower arrangement. She has been spending a lot of time at home since the pandemic started and has found so much joy in calming activities.

"I can get lost in arranging flowers. I sit on the floor & I’m in my own world! I like arranging flowers because there is no right or wrong way to do it, whatever feels right & whatever smells I enjoy, I can incorporate ☺," Aly said in an Instagram post, showing off her beautiful arrangements.

She Loves Gardening

Aside from flower arranging, Aly also grows her own produce and calls herself a "plant mom". As she told Byrdie, she loves spending time with her plants because it helps her be more present. Her favorite plant to grow is cucumbers.

"Gardening makes me feel really calm; it helps me stay present. I feel very grateful that I found gardening because it’s been really therapeutic and healing for me."

She Has Fun With Poses

Aly is guaranteed to deliver a great performance on and off the beam. When she is in front of the camera, she makes sure to give incredible poses that show off both her strength and beauty.

She once shared an inverted pose captured during one of her photoshoots, impressing her followers on Insta.

She Does Guided Meditations

Self-care is an essential part of Aly's wellness journey. She shared that she has a tendency to overthink and get in her head too much. To keep her stress levels in check, Aly does mindful breathing and guided meditations.

"One of the tools that has helped me in my self care journey is guided meditations. Having that time for myself to check in & relax my body has been crucial," she said.

She Treats Herself To Spa Days

For Aly, workouts should be a holistic approach. When she needs extra pampering, she goes to the spa or hot tub, which helps in relaxation and recovery.

"I workout for peace between the ears. I want to work out to feel healthy. I love that swimming doesn’t put extra stress on my body... I also often go in the hot tub side for relaxation and recovery."

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