Larsa Pippen Is Fit In Poolside Blue Look

Larsa Pippen close up
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Larsa Pippen is looking super fit in a glam poolside snap as she models a sporty matching look. The reality star, 47, has revealed that she works out a ton, and she put her healthy figure on show on Instagram back on February 16. Showing off her toned legs and trim waist in a shorts and rashguard look, the reality star sizzled with her hourglass curves on show, also packing in some serious muscle. Shouting out clothing brand Pretty Little Thing, Larsa wrote: "They can’t compete when they can’t compare 😇 @prettylittlething."

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!"

She Uses This Tip To Avoid Junk Food

Larsa has opened up about how she plans her meals. Mentioning her four kids as she spoke with Hollywood Life, Larsa said: “I cook every day for my kids. I have a menu that I draw up [for] all week so I know what we’re gonna eat. If you’re prepared like that you tend to eat healthier, as opposed to not knowing what you’re gonna eat and then you end up eating junk.”

She Fuels Up On Oatmeal

Larsa opts for slow-release carbs to start the day. She added: “For instance, today, I made oatmeal with a little bit of brown sugar, raisins and walnuts for breakfast. I have salmon, broccoli and brown rice that I’m going to make for lunch. And then for dinner I’ll have a salad with chicken breast. I love to eat.” Pippen added: “If my kids want a snack I’ll make them a protein shake and I have that on my website."

The Mayo Clinic states: "Oats contain a type of soluble fiber, called beta glucan, which lowers blood glucose and cholesterol levels, thus reducing risk of heart disease and diabetes. Beta glucan also promotes healthy gut bacteria and intestinal health."

She Values Both Diet And Exercise

It's all about balance for Larsa, who also told Hollywood Life: “What you choose to eat is far more important than the amount of exercise you put in,” adding: “The nutrition aspect helps to provide a balanced lifestyle. You have to do both. You cannot win if you just do one or the other.”

She Loves Sweet Desserts

The home baker, who has admitted to gaining quarantine weight via baking with her daughter, further revealed: “I love dessert and I’m known to make pies. Me and my kids make pies like twice a week – apple pie, pumpkin pie. I do cheat, but that’s normal. I’ll just do 10 extra squats that day. I’ll do 20 extra jumping jacks.”

She Steers Clear Of The Atkins Diet

Larsa doesn't believe in extreme low-carb diets. “I don’t think you can sustain that keto diet or the Atkins Diet,” she continued. “Personally, I don’t feel like those work. For me it’s more it’s more about eating healthy and portion control. That’s the only thing that lasts forever.”

Popular diets with 2022 celebrities include the Caveman diet, intermittent fasting, plus low-carb keto diets. Larsa swims every day to keep in shape, and she's regularly spotted at Japanese joint Nobu in Malibu.

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