Nikki Bella Flexes Biceps At Music Festival

Nikki Bella
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Nikki Bella was happy she finally got to see Vancejoy and Pink but she was most glad about the smash hit of her wine brand. The WWE star flaunted her muscles as she celebrated the success of Bonita Bonita with friends. She share photos and videos from the occasion and it was fun-packed.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Gushed Over Bonita Bonita's Success 


Nikki and her twin sister Brie Bella launched their new wine brand Bonita Bonita rose after initially announcing the new venture three months ago at a wine tasting getaway to Napa Valley. Nikki who has initially announced on social media that the wine brand would be part of the Bottlerock Napa Valley Food Festival could not express her joy enough as the deal day arrived.

Happy Bonita Bonita sold out, Nikki took to Instagram to share several photos of herself, her sister Brie and friends from the celebration. Nikki rocked a blue jean jumpsuit for the occasion and she flexed her muscles in several snaps. Brie for her part wore a flowing cream-colored maxi dress. Nikki thanked her crew for the success of the wine in her caption, and for those who will like some more rose, she noted that it was still available at their club Bonita Bonita.

She Has A Very Effective Exercise Routine 

Known for being one-half of the Bella Twins, Nikki's social media followers a highly effective workout plan, and her social media boast several posts about her weight training, resistance training, as well as some strength and core workout, and more. As a pro wrestler, it is only expected that Nikki follows a rather tricky workout plan and her exercise are indeed not for the weak minds. However, one can achieve the Nikki look with consistency and determination.

For fans who have longed for a body like Nikki's for years, starting their exercise plan by doing cardio will be highly effective. Next will be a weight training workout which will consist full-body circuit routine. Having a body like Nikki's will also require push-ups, chest presses, dumbbell press crunches, leg raises weighted squats, barbell squats, and lots more. 

She Stays True To Her Diet Plan

One of the ways Nikki maintains her 5 ft 6 inch and about 57kg body for years is through her healthy diet plan. According to reports, Nikki wakes up to coffee with cinnamon, two scrambled eggs, and multi-grain toast. She takes fruits for her snacks, and she usually opts for a sandwich made from pickles, chicken breast, or meat Broccoli for lunch. Her dinner she sometimes has chicken or steak VeggiesRice and her dessert, Licorice. 

She Has Discovered The Beauty Of Self-Care 

It is well known that pregnancy changes the body form of most women as difficult hormones keep developing and lots of women have struggled with getting their shedding baby fat. However, Nikki knew just the right thing to do after she had her baby Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev.

Once speaking about how she coped with being a first-time mom In an interview, Nikki revealed that she hired a life coach to help her keep her mental health in check. She stated:

"I just feel like we give our cars oil changes so they never break down. So why not do that to our souls and our minds so we don't have these meltdowns"

Nikki's approach to self-care also worked perfectly for her and it has also been confirmed that seeking professional help is highly effective. Mayo Clinic says of self-care,

"Your doctor will usually talk with you about your feelings, thoughts, and mental health to distinguish between a short-term case of postpartum baby blues and a more severe form of depression. Don't be embarrassed ― postpartum depression is common. Share your symptoms with your doctor so that a useful treatment plan can be created for you."

She Is A Big Fan Of Meditation

Meditation has been a great boost to Nikki's health and state of mind since she has her first child. The WWE superstar resumed her workout months after Matteo's birth but she revealed that it was her good state of mind that made her outside appearance amazing. Since becoming a mom the wrestler's approach to life has also changed. She reduced the usual hustle that comes with her profession and has realized that living simpler life is food self-care. 

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