Jessie James Decker In Bathing Suit Offers Rear View

Jessie James Decker
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Jessie James Decker has it all. She is blessed with a talent that allows her to stand out amongst other country musicians and an incredible business sense. Jessie also has a picture-perfect body that will undoubtedly, if on any runway show. The music star has also been quite generous when it comes to blessing fans with views of her stunning body.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Is Stunning And Inspiring


Jessie has a beautiful body, and she is aware of her igniting features. The 34-year-old Should Have known Better singer is always ready to flaunt her perfect figure whenever the opportunity arises. She once took to Instagram to post a picture of her backside. Jessie got her 4.1 million followers stuck on the picture, which features her wearing a two-piece node-colored bath suit as she laid down, legs crossed on the deck of a boat. Jessie, who looked beach-inspiring in her outfits, posted her photo while she wrote about how her bum had gotten bigger. The stunning images received over 146,000 likes.

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She Is Full Of Energy

In 2018, after Jessie's short break from music following the birth of her third child, the comfy clothing line founder, who has also become a mom of three, hosted a Girlfriends' Night Out at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Despite it being a while since Jessie showed up on stage, her fans flooded the new Earth Ballroom, making it clear that they had missed Jessie's performances. As always, Jessie did not disappoint her fans, and she took over the stage with her amazing vocals. She performs songs from her Southern Girl City Lights album.

She Indulges In Leisure

There is no doubt Jessie loves her job. But while she enjoys making nice music like Flip My Hair and I Look So Good, Jessie also looks forward to vacations. Once speaking about traveling in an interview in 2018, the music star, who is married to Eric Decker, shared some of her family vacation traditions and the most romantic trip she has had.

According to the musician, via Yahoo, who was still nursing her son Forrest at the time, her family loves visiting the Gulf in Florida. Jessie said her family enjoys going to the Destin/Panama City area, which she has also visited a couple of times as a child. On the most romantic place she had visited, Jessie explained that Cabo had always been her and Eric's favorite spot. Jessie loves the Hispanic culture, the food, and the romantic atmosphere.

She Loves To Keep Fit

As a mom of three, Jessie has her share of body transformation. However, one thing that gets many viewers in constant awe is how the country musician sheds her baby fat and keeps fit. It is obvious that Jessie's body only looks more stunning every day thanks to her effective exercise plan for weight loss. The Almost Over You artist has maintained her fit frame for years by doing weight-based workouts. She starts her exercises with 30 seconds of jump rope, high-knee running, ankle grabs, high kicks, lunges and lateral lunges, spinal rotations, and tension squats.

She follows up with more intense exercises like the overhead squats with resistance bands and medicine ball slams and tosses. Jessie loves working out. She once gushed about exercising 3 to 4 times a week in an interview where she had also credited her trainer Kevin Klug for helping her reach her fitness goal.

She Has Follows a Healthy Eating Plan

Jessie's eating habits have played a tremendous role in her body transformation. While she typically skips breakfast, her lunch is filled with foods containing protein and carbs to keep her energy high. Jessie is a big fan of eating healthy, but she also gives herself room for snacks. Once speaking on her eating habits, Jessie revealed that when she is not watching her weight, she enjoys eating chips and salsa.

But when she wanted to remain fit, she opted for a homemade protein energy ball. Although Jessie love to remain fit, she never deprives herself of a treat. Although many viewers may not subscribe to Jessie's eating habit, which also includes skipping breakfast Mayo Clinic says,

"Some research suggests that regularly eating a healthy breakfast may help you lose excess weight and maintain your weight loss. But other research suggests that skipping breakfast may not be bad for you and may also help with weight control."

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