Danica Patrick Looks Fit Showing Off Her 'Ride'

Danica Patrick
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Danica Patrick has continued to maintain her fit physique even after retiring from car racing. She posted a picture on Instagram, showing off her ride, looking as fit as ever.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too

She Enjoys Leisure Cycling


The former American car racer took to Instagram to show off her ride. Danica has driven various fascinating cars throughout her career, so she decided to settle for a bicycle. She looked as fit as ever in a grey tee-shirt and jean shorts. The NASCAR star's firm legs and arms were on display. She wore her brunette hair backward and various necklaces and bracelets, looking ready to go on a bicycle ride. 

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She Has A Wellness Podcast

After Danica retired from being a professional racer, she launched a weekly podcast called Pretty Intense. In her podcast, she interviews a variety of people on how to achieve success and balance. Her guests have included professional athletes, top chefs, and also nutrition and wellness experts.

She also interviewed former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez on how he overcame his baseball suspension and became a successful business inventor and real estate, mogul. The podcast also features tips from her book, "Pretty Intense," which was developed when she felt stuck in a predictable routine. 

She Maintains Physical And Nutritional Wellness

Patrick followed the plan of her book and changed her exercise routine. She found out that what worked best for her was doing short and more intense workouts, combining strength training with cardio. Also, she followed the Pretty Intense nutrition plan, which recommends eating grass-fed beef, poultry, fish and game, vegetables, berries, melons, citrus, apples, nuts, seeds, and eggs.

She also avoids gluten and dairy, soy-based foods, corn or vegetable oil, and sugar. The Mayo Clinic states, "Nutrition basics come down to eating a variety of wholesome foods that support your health." Patrick also calms her mind by doing yoga and embraces her fitness goals. 

She Is In Pursuit Of Kapotasana

Danica started practicing yoga at the age of 19. She is known as one of the best athletes at it and continues to challenge herself. Her favorite pose is the handstand, and even with her mastery of yoga, she will always be working on one pose, via USA Today. "I'm forever in pursuit of kapotasana, which is basically like a camel pose where you grab your heels in a backbend,'' she explained during an interview with For The Win. The pose is done in a tight backbend and involves good shoulder flexibility. The heels are grabbed with the head on the ground in a backbend with the knees still being on the floor. 

She Indulges In Sound Healing

As a result of her new schedule, Danica decided to branch into sound healing. This is an ancient form of meditation and can be used as an alternative treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and PTSD. She indulges in sound healing by just getting comfortable and listening to sounds from gongs, didgeridoo, chimes, and crystal bowls. 

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