Jessie James Decker In Bathing Suit Says ‘Do Your Squats’

Jessie James Decker
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Jessie James Decker keeps forging ahead by taking charge of her career, and businesses, while also being the ideal family woman. The country singer has a lot on her hands. But when leisure calls, Jessie enjoys baring her toned figure in stylish bikini looks for sun beachside sunbathing. She also doesn't mind sharing tips while at it.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Knows Some Life-Changing Tips

It is safe to say that Jessie’s fans are lucky for her soulful music and her series of tips splayed all over Instagram. In one of her many updates, the Flip My Hair crooner posed by a tropical view complete with the sun streaming in, and some greeneries serving as a backdrop. Jessie showed off her trim and curvy form in a pink two-piece bathing suit that bore a fastened knot behind. 

She looked straight out of a fashion magazine letting her wavy hair fall over one shoulder while presenting her side profile. The singer flaunted her form limbs while addressing fans in the caption:

“Take your vitamins, drink your coffee, do your squats, and make today count.”

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She Stays Motivated For Her Kids


Jessie is a lifestyle enthusiast, and despite her busy life, her workout routine has evolved. Once speaking with Us Weekly, Jessie made it known that working out was not her favorite thing to do.

However, being able to pull through each workout session, was a sign that her heart was in good shape. The 34-year-old added that it also provided her with all the energy needed to run around and play with her kids. 

She Loves Squats


Throughout her adult life, Jessie has made life-long changes to her workout regimen. This is according to the changes in her life, like motherhood. However, the star hasn't deviated from doing squats. 

She revealed to the publication that squats were her favorite routine because she “loves to feel the burn.” The Should Have Known Better crooner added that her legs had to be strong enough for her to run around her energetic children. Jessie also loves to squat because of how her butt has taken shape. 

Mayo clinic states the benefits of squats noting that “ Specifically, the squat targets the quadriceps and the hamstring muscles. Strengthening these muscles can help protect your knees and boost your performance in a variety of sports.”

She Once Made A Major Lifestyle Change 


Back in 2017, Jessie Told E! News that there was a time in her life when major transformations had to be made. The star recalled being in her teenage years and getting away with the things she ate. The star acknowledged being favored by her genetics, as a younger lady.

However, after her first pregnancy, her body changed. Jessie recalled gaining 55lbs and struggling to lose weight. All it took was a reflection through some pictures at her family’s beach house. Jessie stated:

“There was one day I saw pictures of myself on the beach, at our beach house in Florida, and I was like, 'Oh my God! I have got to make a change! I cannot do this anymore…”

She Operates On A Moderate Eating Habit 


Jessie had revealed that she loved to eat, and according to Women’s Health, she eats in moderation on a day-to-day basis. The singer's eating habit falls on a fasting routine that follows timing. She once shared:

“I eat what I want to eat within that time frame but don't overdo it," she says. "The timing really is important to me."

The mom-of-three starts her day with a cup of coffee with a little cream, a lunch appetizer in the daytime, some snacks, and meals like chicken, pasta, tacos, or lasagna for dinner. 

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