Vanessa Hudgens In Bathing Suit Is 'Feeling Prickly'

Vanessa Hudgens in black fishnet top and burgundy lipstick.
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Vanessa Hudgens was a vision in yellow as she posed in a high-cut swimsuit for a promotional shoot for her cactus water brand, Caliwater. Snapped with a can of Wild Prickly Pear in hand, the 33-year-old highlighted her curves in a see-through crochet dress from ANDREEVA, teasing fans with her hourglass figure and a "new flavor reveal."

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Gives Goddess Vibes

Shared on her Instagram page over the weekend, the photo captured her against a stone wall covered in shrubbery. In the picture, she leaned an elbow on a wrought iron railing wreathed in leaves and stared into the distance with a pensive gaze. She wore her hair slicked back to show off her massive chain earrings, complemented by a dainty necklace, chic rings, and a layered bracelet. The earth-toned décor played up her yellow dress, whose boho fishnet pattern allowed her swimsuit to be admired in full.

"Our girl V is feeling prickly thinking about that new flavor reveal coming soon…" read a caption from Caliwater, with fans dubbing her "Queen V" and "irresistible Goddess from Olympus" in the comments.

She's Got The PR Down Pat

It's no secret that Hudgens knows how to move her product. The actress and entrepreneur has got the PR down pat, thrilling in eye-popping promo shoots where the captions are the icing on the cake. She's not only great at picking the right aesthetic and color scheme for her promos, but she also has a way with words, serving up delicious puns that are just as refreshing as her drink.

"Can you bear it?" Hudgens wrote alongside a bikini snap next to a bear statue in the desert, with fans scurrying to double tap over 393,000 times.

She Launched Caliwater Last Year

Relatively new to the business world, Hudgens launched her cactus water brand in April 2021. The High School Musical star partnered with Wire Room star and executive producer Oliver Trevena to make her dream come true, with the long-time besties opening up shop with a shoot in California's Mojave Desert, which you can watch below.

Filmed dancing in the desert and chilling on the hood of a rusty pick-up truck as she cooled off with a sip of Caliwater, Hudgens excitedly announced the launch on Instagram, writing: "@olivertrevena and I have been working on this for a while now and I cannot WAIT for u guys to try it. It tastes amazing and it is SO good for you."

She Doesn't Forget The Sunscreen

When she's not promoting her brand on social media, the Sucker Punch star is posting vacation pics and showing off her toned body in cute swimwear. The actress takes really good care of her skin, recently telling the Hollywood Reporter that she always keeps her moisturizer and sunscreen on hand.

According to the Mayo Clinic, using sunscreen whenever you spend time outdoors may help prevent early wrinkles and skin cancer.

"There are two kinds of sunscreen agents: chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreen agents protect you from the sun by absorbing the ultraviolet (UV) and visible sun rays, while physical sunscreen agents reflect, scatter, absorb, or block these rays," explains the clinic.

She Does Pilates

Known for her enviable physique and rock-hard abs, Hudgens regularly works out to keep her tummy lean and toned. "I love Pilates, it’s a way to lengthen and strengthen your body,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

“As I’ve gotten older, the time I put into self-care has grown because life is crazy and the stresses of life and aging," she opened up. "I’m starting to realize the importance of taking care of yourself — working out, taking care of my body and getting my endorphins pumping."

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