Sydney Sweeney In Bathing Suit Rides A Harley

Sydney Sweeney with blonde hair smiling at the camera.
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Sydney Sweeney is a blonde bombshell riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle in one of her latest photo shoots. The Euphoria star shared stunning photos on Instagram from her shoot with famed celebrity photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Is A Bombshell

After last month's Vogue Hongkong cover feature, Sydney is the newest muse on Unwerth's publication.

Dressed in a sparkly bikini top, hot pants, and pastel-toned boots, Sydney showcased her curves atop a red Harley Davidson motorcycle. Titled "Sugar and Spice", the themed shoot was a nod to Sydney, who is a lover of cars and motorcycles.

"such an honor to work with the iconic @ellenvonunwerth 🔥 thank you for having me ♥️," Sydney wrote in the caption.

She Nails Her Poses

Whenever she is in front of the camera, she just shines. Sydney's talent in seducing the lens is evident in her jaw-dropping pictures that radiate beauty, sex appeal, and confidence.

In an interview with Backstage magazine, she shared that she wasn't always confident but she learned to have a healthier self-image as she got older.

"Confidence is something I wish I’d had when I was younger with my self-image and my body. I wasn’t that 13-year-old skinny little girl. I had some meat on my bones, and I felt very self-conscious next to other girls."

She Is Sporty And Active

To keep her physique lean and strong, Sydney enjoys an active lifestyle. Growing up in Spokane, Washington, the blonde beauty played a lot of sports and enjoyed the outdoors. Being sporty at a young age helped her develop a love for fitness but it also came with unfortunate accidents.

"My face hit the bottom spin of the board and sliced open, next to my left eye,” Sweeney told Independent. “I had 19 stitches. I was so terrified of getting back on my board afterwards. But the moment my stitches came out, my mom took me back to the lake, told me to get into the water with my board, and would not let me out until I stood up on it.”

She Doesn't Follow A Strict Diet

Sydney Sweeney sporting a braided hairstyle.
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When it comes to her eating habits, Sydney is easygoing. She doesn't restrict herself from treating herself to delectable meals.

"I’m really into truffles,” Sweeney shared to Story and Rain. “I went to Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge here in New York and I had a truffle burger, truffle spaghetti, truffle roasted potatoes, and a truffle dessert…it was the most amazing meal."

According to Mayo Clinic, the perfect diet depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and weight-loss goals. Some of the popular diets are DASH, Mediterranean, Paleo, Keto, and Atkins.

She Has A Creative Mind

Sydney credits her childhood years for giving her a creative mind that has helped her deliver great performances.

"Growing up where I did has allowed me to have such a free, creative mind. I had an amazing landscape to grow up with. I was always outside, my parents always wanted me to play outside," she told Story and Rain.

"My imagination was nurtured. I'm able to use that in my work." 

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