Carrie Underwood's Sculpted Legs Fitness Plan

Carrie Underwood sporting an updo hairstyle and smiling at the camera.
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Carrie Underwood's legs have been making headlines every time she steps on stage in leg-revealing outfits. With sculpted calves and toned hamstrings, Carrie easily takes the top spot of the best legs in the music industry.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Turned Fitness Into A Lifestyle

The 39-year-old country singer turned her love for fitness into a successful business. She has built a fitness app, Fit 52, an activewear line, and also wrote a book about her fitness journey.

In an interview with USA Today, Carrie shared how passionate she is about fitness and health.

"It all started with a love for health and fitness and has blossomed into lots of things," she said, talking about her book Find Your Path. "I live and breathe and sleep and eat all of this."

She Works Out Almost Every Day

Motivation isn't a problem for this country superstar because she genuinely enjoys working out. According to her longtime trainer Eve Overland, exercising is a form of self-care for Carrie and she works out almost every day.

"Working out and staying healthy is just a way of life for Carrie. It is who she is, what she does," Overland told Shape.

The musician understands the importance of keeping her body strong and conditioned. Keeping fit and healthy has also helped her execute high-energy performances on stage.

She Strengthens Her Lower Body

To get those killer legs, Carrie always incorporates lower-body exercises into her daily workout regimen.

"We will work with opposing muscle groups, so she gets a lot of frequency with lower-body exercises without overworking it on any given day. This approach has contributed to her amazing strength as well as sculpted physique," Overland explained.

She Does Supersets When Strength Training

A Superset is a modified form of strength training where you do alternating sets of different exercises without taking a rest in between.

Carrie shared with Women's Health that her go-to leg workout consists of six supersets of three workout moves, and each is done for three or four sets. Her moves include walking lunges with dumbbells, Romanian deadlifts with dumbbells, tuck jumps, and elevated sumo squats. Check out the modified version of Carrie's leg routine, shared by her personal trainer.

According to Mayo Clinic, a single set of 12 - 15 reps is enough to build strength for most people. The important thing is to exercise your muscles to fatigue. This stimulates muscle growth and improves strength.

She Honors Her Body

As she said in her book, honoring your body is crucial to your overall health and wellness. Carrie makes sure to respect her body by pacing herself the right way. She might be a beast in the gym but she knows when it's time to rest. Additionally, she also makes sure she is motivated by the right reasons.

Carrie shared her journey for other fitness enthusiasts to Shape: "I feel like the most important thing to share about my fitness journey is, it is a marathon. And when you focus on your overall wellness, including the health of your body and mental health — that makes everything so much better."

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