Emily Ratajkowski In Bathing Suit Tugs On Her Bottoms

Emily Ratajkowski rocks dark eyeliner and straight hair at an event.
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Emily Ratajkowski put on a sultry display in a colorful bathing suit while promoting two new prints from her Inamorata Woman swim line. Posting on her brand's Instagram page, the former Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue cover girl -- now a mother, author, and bikini designer -- showed off her chiseled curves in a floral top and polka-dot bottoms, driving fans wild with a seductive tug on her briefs.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Goes To Zumba Classes

You'll find plenty of bikini content on Ratajkowski's personal Instagram account too, but her latest Inamorata photoshoot is absolutely worth checking out. Parading her dreamy bod at the beach, the model-turned-entrepreneur ramped up the sexiness with a cleavage flaunt and a playful cocking of the hip. Scroll through the embed below to see all the poses!

The 31-year-old maintains her supermodel figure with Zumba classes, telling InStyle in 2020 that she relies on the STRONG by Zumba program for her cardio and strength-training needs. "The class environment works really, really well for me,” she said, admitting that she tends to get distracted when going to the gym by herself: "There's a 50/50 chance of me actually working out and really pushing myself."

She Uses Music To Keep Motivated

Ratajkowski loves breaking out the tunes during workouts. Music keeps her "really focused and in the zone,” she explained. “You just feel like you're, you know, Superwoman really pushing herself. You end up working harder and it's a better, more intense workout, without even noticing.”

Other great tips to stay motivated are maintaining a fitness schedule and doing something you actually like, advises the Mayo Clinic. "Find sports or activities that you enjoy, then vary the routine to keep it interesting. If you're not enjoying your workouts, try something different," suggests the clinic, listing volleyball, ballroom dancing classes, martial arts, high-intensity interval training, and kickboxing as options to consider.

She Stays Supple With Yoga & Hiking

It may surprise you, but Ratajkowski doesn't grind away at the gym to stay lean and toned. In fact, outside of the occasional Zumba class, the model owes her incredibly taut physique to good old-fashioned hiking and yoga.

"I don't have a trainer…I'm just not a crazy fitness person. I'm definitely an outlier in the industry," she told the New York Times in 2015.

Detailing her routine for InStyle the following year, she shared: “I am not a big gym person. I really like being outside and doing yoga, so I do a lot of hiking in L.A. and I have a yoga studio really close to my house that I go to like once a week.”

She Works Out In The Evening

That being said, you won't find the mother-of-one rolling out her yoga mat first thing in the morning. In fact, she prefers to work out in the evening and uses exercise as a nighttime self-care ritual. "For me, the way I sleep afterwards is one of the main reasons to work out," she shared. "When I work out, it's better than taking a melatonin. Because my body has worked hard, my brain finally rests and I think that is so valuable in this day and age — not to sound like an old geezer, but truly I feel that way."

She Eats Healthy

The model is just as relaxed and indulgent about what she eats, revealing to Harper's Bazaar that she won't deny herself her morning pastries with her cup of coffee. A self-described "carnivore" -- "I really like to eat meat. I crave iron," she told ELLE US -- she shrugs off restrictive diets and prefers to cook healthy meals where "you know how much salt and sugar and all of that kind of stuff you are putting in your body."

"I like to keep it really balanced to give my body energy and also be healthy," she shared, noting that "it's good to indulge occasionally."

"I definitely love a good cupcake sometimes. You know what I mean? Or a croissant in the morning." Yes, we do know what you mean.

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