Alexandra Daddario In Bathing Suit Bares Body In Hawaii

Alexandra Daddario with long, dark hair.
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Alexandra Daddario is enjoying some vacation time after tying the know with her longtime beau, Andrew Form. The 36-year-old actress lounged by the pool in a bathing suit to enjoy some sun while enjoying her extended honeymoon.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape and the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Enjoys Relaxing

The beach is a go-to place for this blue-eyed beauty. Despite a constantly busy schedule, Alexandra always has time for some R & R.

In one of her Instagram posts, the actress showed off her summer body in a multi-toned bathing suit. She laid down on the pool's edge to tan under the sun on the beautiful island of Hawaii. A scenic view of a mountain and a line of palm trees can be seen in the background.

She Explores The Outdoors

Alexandra loves discovering new places and enjoys adventuring with her man. Spending time outdoors helps her destress and unwind.

In an interview with Variety, Alexandra admitted that being stuck at home when lockdowns were implemented was challenging for her. "There were plenty of mornings when we woke up, sat on the couch, and by 4 p.m., we were still in our pajamas and hadn't washed our faces," she said.

She Uses A "Quick Fix" Essence

While quarantine kept her locked in at home, she had time to experiment with skincare. Doubling down on skincare became one of her fave self-care acts to fight her quarantine blues.

Alexandra told Variety that she uses Pitera Essence to keep her skin bright and glowing. "When you find a product that makes you feel more like your younger, healthy self, it's incredible," she happily shared.

She Does Acupuncture

To treat some of her body pain, Alexandra does acupuncture therapy. According to Mayo Clinic, acupuncture can help relieve discomfort and pain from different illnesses like osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.

"Acupuncture is something I love and do often. It helps me sleep and relax and it's helped me with frozen shoulder and neck pain. I find it to be amazing. I don't get massages or go to the chiropractor or anything like that—it's pretty much just acupuncture," Alexandra shared with New Beauty.

She Applies Sun Protection On Her Scalp

Alexandra Daddario wearing a top bun and a red dress.
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When asked about the best beauty tip she learned while filming Baywatch, she said she learned something new about sunscreen use.

"Your hair and head can burn too—as I learned—so don't forget to buy an SPF spray or something meant for your hair to protect yourself completely from the sun," she explained to New Beauty. 

She Doubles Down On Workouts

On days when she wants to amp up her fitness routine, she doubles down on the exercises. In the same interview, Alexandra shared that she kicked up her workout regimen to get in shape for Baywatch.

"I was working out five times a week, which is way more than I would ever normally. And I doubled up sometimes. I would do yoga in the morning and then go on a hike."

She Prefers A Simple Makeup Look

Alexandra Daddario in a floral dress.
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When it comes to makeup, Alexandra has a less-is-more approach. She can go full glam when she is on the red carpet, but her everyday go-to makeup look is very clean and simple.

"I like a cleaner look," she told Vogue. "Sometimes I will just do this and do nothing else, especially if I'm feeling very lazy," she said, explaining that all she really needs is a concealer, blush, and an eyebrow pencil.

She Doesn't Deprive Herself Of Tasty Meals

Diet also plays a big role in keeping her body fit and bikini-ready. Alexandra credits her trainer Patrick Murphy for providing her with a nutrition regime whenever she needs to prepare for a role.

As she told Women's Health, she prioritizes eating whole foods but doesn't deprive herself of anything. "He suggests foods that are good for you, without telling you to cut back on the amount you're eating, so I've always felt great when I've made those better choices. It's about the quality and, again, a focus on overall health."

She Values Character Over Appearance

While caring for her physical body is important, she values her character more. As she told New Beauty, she focuses more on how to be a better person and isn't too consumed with improving her looks.

"I try not to fixate too much on my appearance. I did that a lot as a teenager and in my 20s, and I feel liberated now in my 30s that the things I worried about regarding my appearance don’t bother me as much anymore. In general I try to focus on my flaws as a human and how to be a better person, or figure out how to handle things differently if I feel I’ve made a mistake."

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