Carrie Underwood Looks Fit In Summer Gym Look

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Carrie Underwood is flaunting her sensational workout body as she encourages others to follow her fitness path. The American Idol winner and fitness guru was recently in full promo mode for her Fit52 workout app, posting via the 2020-founded brand's Instagram and delivering some moves.

Stunning as she trained in flimsy shorts and a pink tank, the singer let her brand say: "How does the fit52 fam love to work their legs, you ask… Swipe to see our community’s five go-to moves to light up their legs and get their sweat on! It’s no secret that our founder @carrieunderwood has a killer set of legs. We’ll be spilling the tea on her exact leg workout routine soon. Get excited! 🙌"

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape and the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Feels Her Fitness App Is A 'Blessing'

Carrie launched Fit52 in March 2020. Speaking to Shape over a year later, the "Southbound" hitmaker revealed:

“I try my best to work in something. I feel blessed to have created an app that is all about working out called fit52, and in it, we try to make even short workouts effective and give people an option to do something instead of nothing. The most important thing is to move. If you do that, and you give what you have, your day will be better for it.”

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She's Not Quite Vegan

While husband Mike Fisher loves his meat grilled at home, Carrie is dishing up more plant-based options.

"I've been vegetarian for many, many years and I flirt with veganism, so I'm somewhere in between the two. Honestly, I just make sure I'm eating real food. I love vegetables and fruit — and now there are so many options for people that don't eat meat but are like meat. Generally, I just try to make good choices and eat real food," the country star continued.

She Loves Smoothies For Lunch

Carrie kicks the day off with coffee, Ezekiel bread, and blueberries. She's also not above making lunch a vitamin-packed smoothie.

"I actually love doing smoothies for lunch. It's a combination of post-workout and sometimes it's also my lunch, cause I'm usually running somewhere and a smoothie is an easy thing to take on the go or in my car," she said.

She Stays Hydrated

The workout lover isn't just busy in the gym. With two kids to run after, it's easy to get dehydrated.

"Hydration is important no matter what you're doing. You will never be upset that you are well hydrated! I like to drink BODYARMOR LYTE in the morning because I feel like it helps give me energy. When I start out the day hydrated and get some good electrolytes, it helps me with my workouts," Carrie told In Style.

She Loves Life

The Mayo Clinic advises: "Most healthy people can stay hydrated by drinking water and other fluids whenever they feel thirsty. For some people, fewer than eight glasses a day might be enough. But other people might need more."

Carrie stays happy growing her own home produce, making music, designing clothes, and raising her sons with her husband, Mike.

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