Eva Longoria In Bathing Suit Shows Off Her Killer Bod

Eva Longoria close up
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Eva Longoria embodies what it entails to be a wellness enthusiast. The multi-talented star looked absolutely gorgeous in a two-piece red bathing suit which kept her incredible physique on display while she daydreamed in a relaxed position.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Aces Stylish Swimsuit Looks

The mom to a handsome three-year-old, Santiago which she shares with her Mexican-businessman husband, Jose Baston looked stunning in a snap she shared on Instagram. She wore a red bathing suit while daydreaming, the Desperate Housewives star seemed to be living her best life as she looked relaxed while basking in her beauty hour.

She Does Guided Meditation


One of the ways the 47-year-old destress is through guided meditation and it has always been her go-to stress relief. 

"My biggest advice is to follow a guided meditation. A lot of times, you feel like; I cannot do this and I can not quiet my mind but when you have someone walking you through it, it's so much easier and that is the gateway into a deeper meditation."

Bustle shares what the activist said in reference to her meditation routine. She also revealed she has made it a habit to meditate at least five to twenty minutes daily as it has been a huge way of tuning her mind.

She Practices Intermittent Fasting


Longoria prioritizes her health which is why she eats within an eight-hour window each day, usually from the period of 11a.m to 7p.m daily.

She tries to do more plant-based recipes and prefers to do protein sources like steak, beans, fish, chicken, and vegetables. The actress admitted to loving snacks like popcorn, and potato chips and sometimes indulging her cravings for them but does it in the right proportions.

The Mayo Clinic also recommends intermittent fasting as one that can improve one's health by losing weight which lowers the risk of obesity-related diseases.

She Works Out Daily


"I do very heavy weights like squats on a weight rack with at least one-25-pound plate on each end and hip thrust with a 50-pound plate. I feel like my body changes the most when I do that and I always wear a heart rate monitor." The Desperate Housewives star said in reference to her workout routines.

Longoria has a busy life but one thing that is non-negotiable in her daily routine is her one hour of working out every morning. It helps her maintain her physical and mental health; The actress tries as much as she can to stay active, even if it is just stretching.

She Limits Her Alcohol Intake

Having known the adverse effects taking lots of alcohol can have on the skin and one's health, Longoria limits her consumption of alcohol which is one of the things she does to maintain her luscious skin and physique.

Yahoo Life reports that she also tries to maintain at least eight hours of sleep daily. She uses her oura ring (a skin temperature that measures the quality of sleep) to monitor her sleep.

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