Ana de Armas In Bathing Suit Enjoys Sunbathing

Ana de Armas sporting a loose bun.
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Ana de Armas heated up Instagram with snaps from her summer vacation. The 34-year-old actress, who stars in Netflix's Blonde, shared photos of herself in a tiny bikini while sunbathing on a boat.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Enjoys Sunbathing

The Cuban beauty enjoyed a well-deserved vacation in Italy and treated her Instagram followers to sizzling pics of her bikini body. Sporting a tiny string bikini, Ana lounged on a boat and enjoyed the warm sun rays on her skin. She also wore a green hat to protect her face from the heat.

Aside from the bikini pics, Ana also shared stunning views of the Amalfi coast in her carousel post.

She Mixes Up Her Workouts

To keep her body fit and bikini-ready, Ana works out regularly. She doesn't stick to one routine and likes to mix things up so she doesn't get bored.

"Exercise also makes me happy, but it has to be fun. I do something different every day — one day boxing, the next spinning or weight training — to not get bored," Ana shared with People magazine.

Healthy adults should aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day, says Mayo Clinic. For weight loss programs, it is recommended to do at least 300 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

She Does Pilates

Pilates is one of the workouts that Ana recently added to her list of favorite activities. The actress admitted to Vogue that she had a hard time keeping up with her fitness routine while shooting The Gray Man. Luckily, a nearby hotel had Pilates classes, and she quickly found herself a new hobby.

"I’ve been going to this beautiful pilates studio very close to my hotel. It’s in this gorgeous old majestic building on the top floor with windows to the river."

She Takes Care Of Her Skin

Ana's radiant glow is from a healthy skincare routine from some of the best skincare brands. According to Ana, she makes sure to take care of her skin despite a busy filming schedule. Some of her holy grail items include the Estee Lauder Night Repair Eye Concentrate and La Mer's Moisturizing Soft Cream.

"We’ve been shooting nights, and I’m not 15 anymore, so I have a double supply of this eye concentrate: one in my trailer, one in my hotel room. I usually keep my eye products and face rollers in the fridge, which is something my makeup artist taught me," she told Vogue.

She Doesn't Follow Strict Diets

When it comes to diet, Ana admits that she is not very disciplined. As she told People, her top priority is being happy and food just happens to be one of the things that bring her joy.

"The truth is that I’m not very disciplined with diets. In general, I do whatever makes me happy in life, ” she said, “and food makes me quite happy!”

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