Addison Rae In Bathing Suit Munches On Watermelon

Addison Rae
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Addison Rae is stunning and has a gorgeous body too. The 21-year-old fastest-growing American TikTok star stopped by Instagram to share stunning photos of herself in a bathing suit.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Enjoys Taking Eating Fruits

Addison shared stunning photos of herself in a bathing suit to her 40.1 million Instagram followers. The TikTok queen munched on a watermelon while rocking a mismatched, but refreshing bathing suit set. The set consisted of an orange and blue polka-dotted triangle bikini top and floral print bottoms. The actress showed off her luscious cleavage and lithe figure in the barely-there triangle top that could barely contain her breasts. She showed off her toned legs in yellow, orange, and blue floral print. She left her hair loose, munching on a watermelon while posing for the camera.

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She Is Totally Toned

Addison is fabulously toned in a tiny green bikini. Showing off her washboard abs in a recent Instagram photo, the TikToker donned a green string bikini while wading in the water with a pink sparkly inflatable tube and large earphones. “Whatcha listening to???” she captioned the post which attracted comments from fans who could not help but focus on her strength as she waded through the water.

She Enjoys Yoga, Pilates, And Dance


Women's Health states that The dancer and actress enjoy yoga, pilates, and dance which explains her solid core and toned body. She also taught Kourtney Kardashian a 6-minute booty workout that consists of fire hydrants, donkey kicks, and fire hydrant extensions.

According to Mayo Clinic, yoga brings together your physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of your body and mind, ultimately helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety. The benefits of yoga include stress reduction, increased fitness, management of chronic health conditions, and weight loss.

She Spends Her Day With Family


Addison is a renowned star and actress with millions of fans' love, and a body to die for. Despite her busy life, she manages to maintain her workout and diet plan. She is however not a morning person. She wakes up late and starts her day by doing her chores and cooking. Some mornings, she spurs her creativity by taking some time alone from the distracting world.

She usually spends her afternoons exercising, doing skincare, haircare, and making TikTok videos. Her evenings are for relaxation and spending time with her family. Being a night owl, Addison attends nighttime events, sleeping at 3 AM or sometimes not sleeping at all. However, she sleeps mostly in the morning.

She Does A Full-Body Workout


Addison also follows a full-body workout in her gym. According to her Instagram post, it does not include any weights; instead, it is dense-focused. She spices up her workout routine by switching up her exercises. Workoutlunatic reports that sometimes she focuses on the body’s core by doing donkey kicks and fire hydrants. Then she does exercises like sit-ups, mountain climbers, leg lifts, leg raises, push-ups, and abs tuck to strengthen her abs.

When it comes to her diet, she understands what works for her. Her diet includes juices and healthy proteins. She also enjoys junk food and snacks sometimes. She has three meals a day and sticks to light meals and drinks lots of water. 

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