Dua Lipa In Bathing Suit Displays Toned Figure

Dua Lipa
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Dua Lipa is no doubt one of those singers making waves in the music industry. The pop singer always keeps her fans wanting more with her great musical talent and gorgeous looks. She stormed Instagram with a stunning snap she posted wearing a red bathing suit which kept her killer body on display and as always, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Flaunts Her Trim Figure

Such a breath-taking figure as Lipa's speaks for itself and it is a body to die for, the singer blew up Instagram when she posted a wowing picture in a red bathing suit which unveiled her trim and fit physique.

Even in her sitting posture, her gorgeous figure slays and no one does it better than Lipa when it comes to serving steamy looks. The songwriter never disappoints which is what keeps her fans in a state of curiosity, always wanting more of her gorgeousness.

She Has A Workout Ritual


A physique like Lipa's isn't everywhere and to be able to maintain such a figure, it takes a series of body-straining exercises and efforts which is why the singer has made it a ritual to always exercise three to four times weekly. The pop singer trusts routine workouts like running which she prefers doing with her friends, brisk walking, yoga, cardio, and strength training to keep fit.

The Mayo Clinic endorses Lipa's aerobic exercises, noting that brisk walking is a form of exercise. Basically, the faster you walk, the more calories you burn which is good for your heart health and prevents heart diseases.

She Does Restorative Sleep


For a busy person like Lipa, It's no brainer that stress is one of those things she's likely to face and the adverse effect of stress can be seen on the skin and overall health if not well managed which is why after a long, stressful work, one of the ways the singer relaxes is by taking a nap. The singer said, "If you train too much, your body won't work, so rest is non-negotiable".

Taking a recovery sleep has really helped the singer feel refreshed and ready to go on the next task.

She Is Not A Diet Person


For such a killer curve, one would expect she's into dieting and does not eat some things but the shocking answer is no. The singer is not the kind to forgo her favorite foods or restrict herself when it comes to food. According to WH, she revealed she indulges her cravings but tries to keep it healthy by eating more healthy and whole foods.

Just like every other human, there are times she craves those sweet-mouthed meals; she does not deny herself but limits the way she takes it. The screen diva sometimes opts for egg or fruits for breakfast, cashew butter, or banana before her workout while she does plenty of veggies and cold juice for lunch.

She Takes Time To Unwind


The pop star loves boxing and staying active which according to her, is one of the ways she eases stress and stays fit. It is one of those secret things that help her stay refreshed. The music goddess also loves to listen to music, write, dance, take her dog on walks and also go on vacations. Her routine is working and the way she always looks energetic and happy proves that.

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