Kendall Jenner In Bathing Suit Shows 'Cherries'

Kendall Jenner close up
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Kendall Jenner is stunning in swimwear as she celebrates summer with some "cherries" action. The model, 26, stunned her Instagram followers this month with a summery and picnic-ready photo, posting for her army of followers and wearing a checkered red and white two-piece. She showed off her sensational legs and abs while sending out a grin, with a simple caption coming only via a cherries emoji.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Loves Outdoor Runs

Kendall has 24/7 access to Kardashian-level gyms, but they aren't her favorite place.

“I love running outside. You can go on a run on a treadmill but it’s really not the same. I used to be the most athletic kid. I was always outside. I was super outdoorsy running around in the mud and doing that kind of stuff. I don’t do that ever [now]. You’re always like stuck inside, you’re always in a gym, or you’re always in your phone or whatever. So to actually to get outside and run outside … I enjoy it," she has stated.

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She's Religious With Her Skincare

The former Estee Lauder ambassador has skincare in her family, and she knows her stuff.

"I've always been super OCD about washing my face," Kendall told Byrdie. "And that's even before I started modeling. But it's definitely enhanced now because I wear so much makeup all the time. I wash my face at least two or three times a day."

She Loves Sun Bum

Kendall has also dished on her favorite sunscreen brands, stating:

"For my face, I actually just use the regular sunscreen I use on my body—Sun Bum. All over my body and my face. Then I'd need a hair tie, a scrunchie because you gotta get your hair out of your face. I really like a scrunchie right now, and I never thought I'd say that—I was never into them. But I really like a simple black silk one. They don't dent your hair like a rubber band would."

She Loves Pasta

Fans have seen Kendall wolfing down pasta on-screen and even in Poosh promos. She also loves to cheat on her usual healthy eats with Cheetos.

Registered dietician Kate Patton told Cleveland Clinic: “Don’t plan a cheat meal just for the sake of having a cheat meal. You can always try to go slow at first. Maybe allow yourself to step off your diet just for a very special occasion. If you discover then that it’s not for you, then don’t force it.”

She Keeps Makeup Minimal

Kendall has even revealed that she prefers to go minimal with cosmetics. The sister to makeup mogul Kylie Jenner shared her pet peeve: "Honestly? Too much makeup on a pretty person. On a pretty girl. I mean, everyone's pretty, so I guess just too much makeup in general. But like, sometimes I'll just see a really beautiful girl and she'll have SO much makeup on. And you're like Why? You're so pretty!"

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