Eva Longoria In Bathing Suit Enjoys' Vitamin Sea'

Eva Longoria with wavy hair.
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Eva Longoria continues to stun her social media followers with another bikini post. The 47-year-old actress shared photos from her summer trip, where she enjoyed "vitamin sea" as she flaunted her toned figure and vacation glow.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Takes Her Vitamin Sea

Taking time off from her busy schedule, Eva headed off to sail on a luxurious yacht. The Desperate Housewives star looked gorgeous while relaxing on a recliner and enjoying the scenic coastal view.

Eva's toned figure was on display in a blue two-piece bikini and a sunhat. Her tanned skin was also glowing, and her face looked beautiful sans makeup.

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She Is A Beast At The Gym

Eva's lean and toned figure results from hard work at the gym. The petite beauty works out all the time in her own home gym and pays special attention to her abs and legs.

In an Instagram post, Eva showed what "leg day" looks like for her, and it's pretty intense. Her routine includes squats, side-steps, and leg raises, all done with a resistance band to amp up the workout.

According to Mayo Clinic, weight training with resistance bands helps tone muscles, improve appearance, and fight age-related muscle loss. To avoid injury, be mindful of your technique and posture. Warm up before exercising and start slowly.

She Enjoys Working Out

Working out is not a task for this Latina beauty because she genuinely enjoys it. But, she doesn't work out just for physical improvement; she also does it for her mental health. She explained to Women's Health why she loves exercising so much.

"I work out a lot, and people think it's because I wanna lose weight or have abs, and it's honestly my mental health. I really enjoy having that hour to myself... I feel alive afterwards. It clears my head. There's just so many benefits to working out."

She Enjoys Her Vacation Time

While Eva is booked and busy with her business ventures, she makes sure she is never burned out by taking regular breaks. She heads to a nice destination whenever she is off-duty to treat herself to some precious downtime. Recently, she visited Spain and did some sightseeing in the beautiful city of Marbella.

She Is Not Afraid To Be Bold

As a woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, Eva understands the challenges she has to face. As she told New York Times, she does her best to uplift women within her sphere.

"I'm super-proud to co-found a brand with such an authentic Mexican group and super-strong female influence. The tequila world is male-dominated, and we're not solely women, but lifting up and highlighting women who play a pivotal role in the team is the space I enjoy most."

She Treats Herself To Tequila

Being the co-founder of tequila brand Casa del Sol definitely has its perks. Eva occasionally treats herself to yummy drinks; one of her top favorites is the margarita.

"Right now I'm really into a Mexican mule. I love a skinny margarita, and I love a jalapeño margarita," Eva shared with New York Times.

She Moves With Purpose

Inspired by Oprah, Eva lives intentionally and with purpose. She shared in an interview with Forbes that this philosophy has driven her career in production.

"Oprah once said on her show... that every show she did was with purpose. She said produce with purpose; 'Why are you doing this project?', 'What is the point?'" she explained. "That really hit home with me... that's really created a lens in which I look at every project."

She Uses Sunblock Every Day

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Eva has kept her skin looking youthful by ensuring she is always protected from the sun's harsh rays. As she told Women's Health, she uses sunblock throughout the day.

"The number one beauty secret that I tell everyone is sunblock. I use sunblock probably three times a day. I put it on in the morning right when I wake up; I go work out, I put it back on, I go out for my day, come back in, put it back on. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock."

She Knows When To Say 'No'

While she is busy with her businesses and advocacies, Eva's top priority is her family. She explained to Parents that being a mom has taught her to handle her time better.

"I will pass on a project if I can't give it my all. Now I have to be more in charge and more structured and on time," she said. "The stakes are higher now that I have a child. I need to make sure I'm doing my part to leave the world a better place—for him and for all the children of our future."

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