Holly Madison Looks Fit In Florals & Heels

Holly Madison
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Holly Madison looks super fit as she channels major Hansel and Gretel vibes in a floral dress and heels. The model and reality star is hugely into the Disney vibe, and she showed off her fit legs on Instagram recently while channeling a look that matched her cute village house setting. The ex to Hugh Hefner went for a '50s vibe while in heels, writing: "Would you like to live here? I would."

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Leverages What's Less Obvious

Holly knows her limits, but she also knows how to turn it all to her advantage. The 42-year-old told Naluda:

"I was never in the high-fashion side of the modeling industry it was pin-up type stuff in LA. I definitely gained awareness about how I looked, how I was presenting myself to the world, how I photographed, and how I could improve on that. Those kinds of silly things helped me later when I became a photo editor and now when I focus on the marketing side of my burlesque show "Bourbon Burlesque."

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She's Figuring Out Her Routines

Admitting that she hasn't yet ironed out her official daily routines, the blonde continued: "I am still trying to figure that out! If I could set a daily routine that included plenty of sleep, quality time with my daughter, fitness and work I would be set! In reality, it's quite the uneven jumble of those things, plus all the unexpected things that come up. I'm sure it's that way for most moms."

She Avoids Sugary Drinks

Speaking to Delish, Holly revealed one dietary precaution she does take. "Butterbeer is so good!" she said. "It tastes like a mix of cream soda and a Creamsicle, but without the tartness, and there's foam on top. When I drink sugar, I pack on weight, so I try to only have one like once a year or for a special occasion."

Dr. Mark Hyman told Cleveland Clinic: "The thing is, that, anything sweet in nature is safe to eat. If it's bitter, it could kill you. Our bodies are wired to eat sugar when we get ahold of it, whether it's a lot of fruit in the summer, or whether it's honey, or whatever it is because when we eat something sugary, it actually allows us to store fat."

She Loves To Eat In Vegas

Holly might restrict the sugar in her drinks, but she isn't short of spots to eat in Sin City.

"It's really hard to narrow that down. I love Verandah at Mandalay Bay Four Seasons for a healthy lunch or a business meeting. I love the Peppermill for late night dining, Circus Circus steakhouse for a cozy dinner, and Hugo's Cellar downtown. [I also enjoy] any of the restaurants at the Bellagio with the fountain views at night," she also told Naluda.

She Loves Smoothies

Holly also revealed a love of blended smoothies and a healthy attitude to match, stating: "It's not about starving yourself."

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