Alexandra Daddario In Bathing Suit Poses With 'Sweet Eunice'

Alexandra Daddario with side parted hair and red lips.
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Alexandra Daddario treats her fans to a precious and intimate moment at home. The stunning actress took to Instagram to share a swimsuit pic, where she is sunbathing and posing beside her "sweet Eunice".

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Is A Dog Lover

Behind the screen, Alexandra is a doting fur mom to three adorable dogs. One of her sweet pups, Eunice, has been making regular appearances on the actress' Instagram account, stealing the hearts of their 22.5 million followers.

In a recent pose, Alexandra was sunbathing in a white swimsuit while lounging on a recliner. Eunice tried to steal the spotlight and joined in to ask for some pats.

"Sweet Eunice," Alexandra captioned the post.

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She Enjoys Hiking With Dogs

Thanks to her dogs, Alexandra has learned to love hiking even more.

"I love hiking. Having my dog has helped me explore more of Los Angeles and encouraged me to discover trails that were more off the beaten path," she told Men's Journal. "When you have a dog around you can’t just sit on your couch all day because you have to go out and walk them and take them on hike. It really changes up your lifestyle in a really positive way."

She Doesn't Make Excuses

Showing up is important, says Alexandra, who doesn't miss a day at the gym even when she's not feeling well.

"Whatever is going on in life I have @murphyfitness to make sure I look and feel good doing it. 💪Today we took it easy because of how I’m feeling... it’s okay to go to the gym or to a workout class and only do what you can. But just go! 🏋️‍♀️," she explained in an Instagram post.

She Does Weight Training

Yoga and weight training are some of Alexandra's go-to exercises, she shared with Men's Journal.

"I love yoga. I find that it really helps de-stress me and I end up being more productive when I have taken that time to center myself. I love weight training, too. It’s helped so much with aches and pains and I encourage young women to incorporate it into their workout routine."

According to Mayo Clinic, you can see significant improvements in your strength with just two or three 30-minute weight training sessions per week.

She Practices Self-Love

Alexandra Daddario smiling while wearing a floral dress.
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Self-love is a must for this blue-eyed beauty. She explained to Vogue that her beauty philosophy involves taking care of herself and loving her skin the way it is.

“I think it’s really important to take care of yourself and learn to love yourself and love your skin the way it is and keep yourself balanced. I think that all of that ends up helping every aspect of your health, including your skin.”

She Loves Workout Clothes

She enjoys wearing activewear even when she is not working out. The actress is also a brand partner for a couple of fitness wear brands, which means she has a big supply of workout clothes available in her closet.

"Yes, from now on I will only be answering the door in SMOOTHEZ by @aerie!" she said in a post to promote her partner brand.

She Spends Time With Friends

Life as an actress can get pretty busy but Alexandra makes sure she always has time for friends and family. Whenever she has extra time, you can find her making memories with people she loves. The actress shares her adventures and life updates on her social media feed with her fans.

She Has A Hidden Talent

Her characters come to life so effortlessly on the screen because she is pretty good at controlling her emotions. Alexandra shared with Collider that she can cry on cue.

“I can cry quite easily! I mean, years of practice. The other thing about being an actor that’s kind of interesting is we’re taught in regular life not to cry at the drop of a hat and to suppress our emotions to get through the day, you know? And as an actor, you’re sort of trained to do the opposite."

She Has A Confident Voice

Alexandra admitted in her Marie Claire feature that Hollywood can be a toxic place. She finds empowerment from confident women and also encourages the younger generation to not be afraid to use their voices and speak up against abusers.

"We should feel confident to have a voice and we should feel confident to speak up. There is too much fear, and I understand because I have been a victim of that myself, being afraid to speak up, blaming myself. I hope that young people and young women now feel the confidence to speak up in a way that I and others couldn’t."

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