Holly Madison Shows Trim Bod In Mirror Selfie

Holly Madison
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Hollywood star Holly Madison has embraced body positivity in the most fulfilling ways, and her fit figure is healthy proof. The screen star shared intriguing snaps that threw the whole Instagram community into high tension.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Flaunted Her Trim Figure

The Girl Next Door star bares an enviable hourglass figure, which is why she is unapologetic about flaunting it whenever she wants. She took to Instagram to share a Mirror-selfie snap in two-piece workout wear, which kept her trim figure on display. The outfit gave a rare view of her flat tummy. Her blonde hair was styled with a part off her face while the other part fell freely. Her fans were captured by this look as they trooped into her comment section to send their love.

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She Starts Her Day With A Glass Of Green Juice


Holly starts her day with a glass of smoothie or green juice. The reality star does this every morning to get a quick fix of vitamins and green veggies. According to the television personality, her green juice habit is quite difficult to keep up with, but she still forces herself to drink it. 

She Eats Appetizer Before Every Meal


Per Delish, the 42-year-old loves to fill up on nutritious stuff before having any meal. This involves having a salad before her meals to fill up on fiber and greens; this way, she can eat whatever she wants without worrying about overeating. "It is good to have something to coat your stomach first." Holly said about her eating habits.

She Is Huge On Healthy Diets

Holly, who admitted to being a foodie, often opted for junk foods such as French fries, chicken fingers, and various desserts and consumed a lot of calories. However, the game changed during her pregnancy; the author didn't want to risk her body and the health of her unborn child, which was why she started reducing the portion of her food size. She also consumes lots of green smoothies, which act as a detox to purge out toxins.

She Works Out Even During Pregnancy

Pregnancy transforms the body, which is why Holly's World reality star never stops exercising, even during her pregnancy period. The reality star does simple exercises like walking, hiking, and yoga during pregnancy. The public figure was quite invested in staying fit as he got her hands on pregnancy DVDs.

Some of the videos offered solutions like pregnancy Pilates. Even after welcoming her daughter, the star displayed discipline concerning fitness. She kept on running on her treadmill and adhering to her diet.

Cleveland Clinic recommends workout during pregnancy, stating that regular exercise can improve posture and decrease some common discomforts that come with pregnancy, such as backaches, bloating, swelling, and fatigue.

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