Christie Brinkley Displays Fit Figure, Dishing Weight Loss Tips

Christie Brinkley
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Christie Brinkley does not seem to age even in the slightest bit. At 68, the actress and supermodel looks every bit as stunning and fit as she did back in her 30s. The star displayed her totally fit figure while dishing out weight loss tips.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Shares Weight Loss Tips

Christie, 68, is still as fit as any 30-year-old, which is why she qualifies to share tips for a superfit look. The Michigan native shared some weight loss tips as well as gorgeous snaps via her Instagram account. She showed off her toned physique and super flat abs in hot pink bright shorts, which she paired with a matching long-sleeved crop top.

Her blonde hair was styled in a long center part as she smiled joyfully into the camera with a coral in each hand while taking some sultry snaps on the beach. She also added some pro-tips for her fans in her caption, advising them to “avoid sugar and do exercise.”

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She Is Quite Conscious Of Heath Care


Christie does not play around when it comes to maintaining her health and taking good care of herself. The veteran supermodel starts her day with a cup of coffee before getting some exercise done. Christie is a big believer in the benefits of staying active and moves around as often as she can.

A pet lover, she owns several dogs and a cat and enjoys keeping them healthy. She also loves having fun with her food. She does cappuccino art and regularly shares photos of her work via Instagram. 

She Shields Her Skin From The Sun

When it comes to her skin, Christie is big on shielding her skin from the sun. The star also loves to give herself a daily threat. She loves wine and usually has a glass of red wine with dinner. She is big on smiling, too, something she learned from her mother. The Vegas Vacation star likes to have a cup of hot water infused with lemon and sometimes cayenne in the morning. She drinks lots of water too. 

She Works Out At The Gym


Christie is a big fan of working out at the gym. She does some weight training and will sometimes take a spin class. She also likes to spice things up by maintaining variety and integrating exercise into her daily routine.

Despite her busy schedule, she finds time to squeeze in a workout, even if that means a quick seven-minute exercise. To keep her health at its best, she takes probiotics regularly. The Christie Brinkley Beauty star firmly believes that wellness is a lifestyle and is “something everybody needs to invest in.” She also does not mind a little cosmetic enhancement.

She Has A Colorful Diet


Per WH, Christie loves herself a super colorful diet. She eats a tropical fruit breakfast which she dubbed the rainbow diet. The diet consists of various tropical fruits, which she follows up with a series of concoctions and smoothies. Christie has been a vegetarian since age 12, but after she broke her arm, she started eating salmon because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Cleveland Clinic advises that nutritional strategies for a healthy heart include decreasing saturated fats and trans fats, increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet, and eating more fiber. Limiting sweets, desserts, and sugary sodas is also advisable for maintaining a healthy body weight. Another helpful tip is to eat a rainbow of colors. 

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