Millie Bobby Brown In First Look Of Enola Holmes

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It's been two years since Millie Bobby Brown stole our hearts as Sherlock Holmes' younger sister, Enola, and she's set to return for a second time. The 18-year-old British actress played the titular character in Netflix's Enola Holmes as a curious girl who becomes a detective like her famous older brother, Sherlock. In the first teaser trailer and stills from the movie, it appears Brown isn't resting her detective oars anytime soon.

Enola Holmes First Look

Brown shared a series of pictures showing moments in the movie, including one of her character running from the police and another of Enola with her mother (played by Helena Bonham-Carter), proving she's not dead.

The tagline suggests that Enola wouldn't have an easy time being a detective as she'll learn more about the realities of adulthood. While playing the role is another entertainment for Netflix subscribers, Brown told Entertainment Weekly it's the most important moment in her career.

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Being A Young Woman Producer In Hollywood

Brown would co-produce the second installment like she did the first film, making it a bigger deal for her. She said,

"[It] may be the most important moment in my career so far, because it's something that I developed. It's rewarding."

While the creative process was stressful, Brown didn't mind taking on the task. When asked if being a young woman affected the crew's reaction to her leadership, she replied in the negative. She said it had no bearing on set, and the environment was favorable.

Adventures With Her Boyfriend

Brown isn't a detective in real life, but she's as curious as her Enola Holmes character. The actress enjoys hikes in nature with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. The couple also went bee catching last summer, an experience Brown called beautiful. She wrote,

"I love adventures with you ❤️ what a beautiful experience, understanding the importance of bees!"

These real-life adventures keep her mind sharp, and her body fit to take on the next acting role that shows.

Trying Out New Looks

Another adventure Brown takes is changing her hairstyle and color as often as possible. We all know she went bald for Stranger Things seven years ago, well, she's since grown out her hair to her waist length in a dark blonde shade and a dark brown bob cut this Summer.

The latter is her latest style, but as fans know, Brown can switch it up any moment and slay in it.

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