The Sydney Sweeney Intimate Scene That Went Too Far

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Sydney Sweeney is a fantastic actress, as evidenced by her recent Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in Euphoria and Best Supporting Actress for her image of Olivia Mossbacher in the comedy drama The White Lotus. The 24-year-old performance in Season 2 of "Euphoria" earned her some accolades and exposure, thanks to viral scenes. She is now living under a microscope as she attempts to navigate this career stage.

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Playing Cassie

Like the rest of us, Sydney Sweeney witnessed her character Cassie undergo an emotional transformation in the second season of HBO's hit Euphoria. Cassie is front and center in season two, from embarking on a secret relationship with her best friend Maddy's ex-boyfriend Nate (Jacob Elordi) to a chaotic end to Maddy's birthday party.

While battling her inner demons, Cassie has sparked some incredible meme-able moments that have taken the internet by storm. It's difficult to imagine anyone else playing the part, which may explain why the actress was once considered unfit for the role.

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Heated Moment Featuring Cassie And Nate

In Episode 1 of the season, Nate and Cassie Get Dirty in the Bathroom. We're thrown into the drama between Nate and Cassie with no time to catch our breaths after a riveting opening with Fez and his grandmother. Cassie begins stripping down in Nate's car as he watches her before the pair gets hot and heavy in the Bathroom of a New Year's Eve party.

Then it's time to get down to business: while Maddy is pounding on the door, the new couple goes to pound town. This is just the beginning of the pair's many sex adventures in season two, as Casie will do anything to get Nate's attention, even if it means stealing her best friend's style.

Most Challenging Scene In Euphoria

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress revealed the most challenging scene in the series, euphoria.

"I feel like I personally thrive and thoroughly enjoy very difficult, emotional up and down roller coaster scenes of Cassie. And the ones I had the hardest time with was in the hot tub with all the girls and Nate because I actually had to hold this tube in my mouth that was getting pumped with fake throw up. And I had to hold it in my mouth as my mouth was getting filled with God knows what and act as if nothing was happening."

Cassie's Take On Shooting Nude Scenes

Sweeney also explains why she won't stop shooting nude scenes in the interview. "People forget that I'm playing a character," Sweeney said. "They think, 'Oh, she gets naked onscreen; she's a sex symbol. I have no problems with those scenes, and I won't stop doing them."

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