Peyton List Tears Up At Cobra Kai Scene

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Peyton List took on her Cobra Kai role as Tory Nichols in 2019 and became a badass fighter showing her followers a new side of herself. She returned the following season as a recurring character before the network bumped her to a main role in Season Four.

While Cobra Kai is a predominantly action series (after all, it's all about Karate), a scene in Season 5 made List cry, and no, it's not why you think.

The Role That Made Her Cry

List got frustrated with an action sequence requiring her to punch through a marble brick, and as a good actor, she wanted it to be as realistic as possible.

The director cut the scene to give her a moment, and she eventually delivered her part. Giving it to her all was hard, causing her to tear up and weep mid-shoot.

In 2016, List told Teen Vogue she learned her work ethic from America's Next Top Model. That explains her determination to get things right no matter how hard she needs to try.

Finding Love With Her Co-Star

List also found love while filming Cobra Kai, albeit with someone she's always known, Jacob Bertrand. The couple went public with their relationship in March when Bertrand replied to a curious TMZ reporter at the airport in L.A.

He admitted they'd been dating secretly before that moment, and it was the first time he'd dated someone he was working with and a friend's sister. Bertrand called their relationship "Trial by Fire" because it was new territory for both of them.

Lots Of Fun And Laughter

Based on the birthday pictures List shared, there's no doubt their relationship is filled with laughter. She confirmed this with a caption saying,

"man you change your hair a lot. there are not a lot of photos where you are serious without me yelling at you so i had to post those first."

Beauty Product Of The Year

List isn't just a movie star but a budding businesswoman, and her makeup brand, Play, won the holy grail of beauty awards in the USA, Allure. The Beauty Expert named her lip-gloss "The Best Beauty Lip-Gloss" of the year, to which List responded,

"I developed this because I wanted pigment with hydrating ingredients: vitamin E, coconut oil, and rose hip oil. It is clean, cruelty-free, and I'm so proud that it won Allure Best of Beauty, best lip gloss of 2022."

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