Minka Kelly Shows Off Her Sexy White Bikini Poolside

Close up of Minka Kelly smiling
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Minka Kelly, 42-year-old LA-born actress, model, activist, humanitarian, and owner of the lifestyle brand “ABLE,” does not look a day over 16 years. The Charlie’s Angels star, who is also a culinary school graduate, posts pictures and videos of her sumptuous-looking delicacies alone or with other chefs on her Instagram.

See pictures of Kelly looking breathtaking and happy in bikinis after the breakup with her comedian ex, Trevor Noah, a few months ago. 

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On Pointe!

Whoever said pointe has to be standing hasn't seen Kelly's half-sitting position. The actress leaned against her arms in a white two-piece bikini showing off her toned body and bright, curly brown hair.

She sat on the pool's edge, suggesting she was about to jump in for a swim but paused to take a quick promotional picture for Vitamin Swim.

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Sunset in Montréal

The Night Hunter actress posted a picture of herself by the poolside in Montréal on her Instagram. She captioned the post, “Merci for the memories, Montréal❤️. In the picture, Kelly looked gorgeous in a mint-colored two-piece bikini and a white wooly shirt. She let her hair down, and flipped to her right. 

Having Fun With Fruits

The culinary graduate sure eats healthy and encourages people to do the same. In an Instagram post (a GIF), she tossed a pineapple from one hand to the other with a large smile on her face. She encouraged her 1 million followers and others to take a pic holding a fruit or vegetable or even imitate her - tossing a pineapple, with the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood.

According to Mayo Clinic, pineapples contain carotenoids and have benefits including strengthening the immune system, reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, building healthy skin, and improving vision. Some other sources of carotenoids are carrots, yellow peppers, bananas, sweet potatoes, mangoes, peaches, and pumpkins. 

Is She Back With Trevor Noah?

Kelly's on/off relationship with Trevor Noah has always been fascinating to fans. Although they announced their split earlier this year, Radar revealed they're back together, according to an insider.

The actress once said per US Magazine,

"You'll never see me with a man on my social media feed. Unless I'm married but maybe not. I enjoy keeping some things secret."

Perhaps that accounts for the inconsistencies in the reports surrounding her relationship with Noah. Fans often have to rely on insiders and sources for info since both parties are private individuals.

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