Amy Robach Swears By This Training Schedule

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Amy Robach announced her departure from Good Morning America in a bittersweet post last week following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. However, with how fit and ready-to-go the 49-year-old always looks, one would think she's in her thirties.

Robach didn't become a top American news reporter by sitting on her hands and just looking pretty; she put in the work professionally and personally.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shap ands the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

Robach Cheats Her Daily 16-Mile Run

Robach ensured her caption debunked all misconceptions, especially those that made her look happy sticking to her workout regimen. She confessed that it wasn't all rosy and sometimes broke the routine when listening to her body.

Robach's regimen requires a 16-mile daily run/jog, but she only had 12 that fateful August day. So, she indulged her body and took more water breaks than she should've. She's preparing to run another marathon after participating in the 2022 United Airlines NYC Half in March with her co-star TJ Holmes.

Two Things To Live By - Discipline And Accountability

Two things you'll notice from Robach's Instagram updates are;

She always has a partner, and she's disciplined. Running with her friend, Nikki Spina, makes her accountable and ensures she has someone to encourage her when tired.

In 2019, during a Good Morning America episode, Robach explained her love for running.

"Running has been my therapy, my meditation, my escape for the past 25 years. I run because I want to explore new paths. I run because I want to feel alive, and sometimes I run because I need to sweat out fear, sadness, frustration or anger..."

Benefits Of Running

Better Health confirms,

"running can significantly improve mental health, self-confidence, healthy ageing, and quality of life."

This analogy aligns with Robach's reasons for running and how it's helped her stay on top of her game. When she appears on-screen reporting, it's evident inhowy she carries herself and how well her clothes fit.

Preparing For ABC 20/20 Fall Premiere

Robach's fans can enjoy listening to the reporter update the country on the happenings in the UK following the Queen's demise. She shared BTS pictures of herself andthe crew preparing something special for the ABC 20/20 Fall premiere. It was a momentary break from talking about the Monarchy all week.

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