Priyanka Chopra Shares Her Luscious Hair Care Routine In Bathrobe

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Priyanka Chopra's haircare line, Anomaly, is gaining more popularity by the day thanks to the actress' lustrous brown hair confirming its potency. She touts the product as an environmentally friendly brand and swears by its for her daily haircare.

Whether on the red carpet, swimming, or going about her daily activity, her hair is guaranteed to stay shiny and styled to perfection.

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Typical Hair Wash Day For Chopra

On a typical hair-wash day, Chopra's quick haircare step takes a while because she has voluminous hair, but she finishes with Leave-in Conditioner by Anomaly hair care and air dries. However, if she's going out and wants a glam look, the actress uses a blow dryer.

She warned her viewers to use the product according to their hair type and not to botch the consistency - not too much or too little. She promised Anomaly would be a trifecta as it's good for the pocket (economic), planet (green), and hair (functional)!

Best Hair Mask For Kinky Hair

Allure named the Anomaly Bonding Treatment Mask as the Best Hair Mask for Kinky and Curly Hair of 2022. The product costs $8 on Amazon and won because,

"In a dream world, we'd have a personal stylist to ensure every strand on our head is perpetually soft and shiny. Back here on earth, we have hair masks. Anomaly Haircare Bonding Treatment Mask uses quinoa and vegetable proteins to smooth frizz and give curls back their bounce."

Benefits Of Protein In The Hair

Healthline supports the use of hair masks to strengthen hair, add to its shine and moisture, and reduce frizz. However, there's a caveat to its results,

"The ingredients that may work best for you will depend on your hair type and the condition of your hair and scalp."

According to Allure, Anomaly is best suited for kinky and curly hair just like Chopra's. Look no further than her Instagram feed for style and use inspiration.

Making Anomaly Hair Affordable For All

Chopra said that making Anomaly hair was about democratizing haircare products and that's why it's affordable. During an Instagram live interview with My Nykaa, she said,

"I know what it feels like when they use the most luxury care brands from the world. So, the idea was to create that experience and democratize affordable price. So, I'm very excited about it."

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