Victoria Justice Drank 'A Little Bit' To Prepare For Role On 'Perfect Pairing'

Victoria Justice
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American actress Victoria Justice is undoubtedly phenomenal, judging from the concise way she interprets her roles. However, Justice could need a little help sometimes, and she has probed it. 

The Victorious star revealed she had to drink some of her favorite wine to be able to interpret her role in the perfect pairing scene as a wine distributor.

Drinking Wine To Interpret Role In Perfect Pairing

According to the actress, drinking wine to interpret her role in Perfect Pairing served as research. In an interview with Yahoo Life, the Outcast actress said, "I didn't know a ton (about wine); I've been to Napa Valley before. I knew enough, and I drank a little bit for it and had some good Cabernet Sauvignon: that's my favorite, and that was my prep. It was research".

About The Movie, Perfect Pairing

The movie, Perfect Pairing is a romantic comedy directed by Stuart McDonald. The film is centered on an assured woman who finds love and purpose in the land down that offers delightful entertainment. Per Variety, Victoria Justice played the role of  Lola Alvarez in the film, and she is someone who puts her clients' happiness first. Although she loves her job as a sales director at a wine distribution company, she despises her harsh boss (Calder)

Her love life was halted after her divorce, and she didn't feel the need to start dating. Hence, she uses her job as an excuse for being single.

After a desperate colleague betrayed her, Lola quit and started her wine importation company. Along the line, she was stuck with a strong competitor, her ex-boss (Calder), and took all the schemes to prove her worth.

Victoria Describes Herself As A Huge Foodie

Although there is a common perception that actresses rarely eat, it is not so for the Perfect Pairing star. She told Yahoo, "I eat a lot; I love burgers and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) on occasions when I'm being naughty. I would say that is my fast food pleasure". Victoria said.

The Eye Candy actress also revealed that she is a massive fan of Latino foods, KFC chicken, biscuits, and Coleslaw.

She isn't Picky With Meals

The After Life Of The Party star revealed that she sometimes has unusual tastes in foods.

" My mom would make fresh bread and fresh sandwiches for me when I'd go to school, and I would want to trade it for lunchables. I would want hungry man meals and weird stuff. I always wanted all the bad food". Victoria said about her eating habits.

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