Paige VanZant Shares Morning Routine For A Productive Day

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Paige VanZant, like many other people worldwide, isn't a morning person, but she has a morning routine to wake her up and prepare her for the day ahead. We have all the juicy details, from the supplements to the workouts that keep her ready for the ring.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

Morning Supplement To Start The Day

VanZant swears by supplements to wake her up in the morning before she goes to the gym for her daily workouts. The wrestler gave a morning-to-night supplement edition of a day in her life. She starts with CBD drops in her coffee and then drinks Pre-Biotics, Pro-Biotics, and Detox before her workout. Next, she takes a higher dose of CBD to survive the traffic anxiety before ending the day with a Protein shake.

"Back to my CBD but I take 1500 because traffic stresses me out and I don't like traffic," she said via Instagram.

Benefits Of Supplements For Athletes

Lancaster General Health says,

"Some supplements are useful in providing extra calories for athletes who have eliminated a food group due to food allergy or other medical-related issue. Supplements can also benefit athletes who need to gain weight or address a known nutrient deficiency."

As an athlete, especially as an MMA fighter, VanZant needs supplements to bulk up her muscles and stay sharp throughout the day, hence her multiple dosages and prescriptions.

Gym Workouts To Stay Fit

VanZant doesn't leave her fitness to supplements only as she incorporates working out with equipment in the gym to get into shape. In two months, she shed the extra weight she gained during summer and whipped her body back into shape just in time to get back in the MMA ring.

VanZant also has trainers who keep her in check and ensure she's following her routines to a tee. She credits her supplements and the physical workouts for her fit body.

Mental Health Check

The MMA fighter revealed last week that her mental health hadn't been the same for a while, but she worked through it. Last year, she dealt with a career competition loss and spoke on surviving depression with her husband, Austin Vanderford, on their podcast,

"I don’t know, I just feel like people have this specific perception of who I am and especially online."

She shared a word of encouragement, saying,

"It difficult when you catch yourself not being you. When you feel your whole world is falling apart right before your eyes."

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