Kaley Cuoco Flaunts Toned Limbs And A Fab Look

Kaley Cuoco
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Kaley Cuoco donned an unusual head-turning look while showing off her unique sense of style. The brunette's look in her recent post stirred an outpour of love from her followers, who took turns to compliment her elegant beauty.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Looks Elegant In Shimmering Dress

The Virtuosity star delivered alluring goodness on Instagram. In the picture, she flaunted her statuesque figure in a shiny-white mini dress with an orange design on the hem and neck. The outfit, which gave a view of her toned thigh, was complimented with an orange block-sandal heel while her blonde, wavy hair dropped freely around her shoulder. This elegant look prompted her followers to lavish 487,150 into her comment space and still counting.

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She Does Hot Yoga Five Days A Week

Wondering how the Big Bang Theory star has maintained such killer shape over the years? She does hot yoga, which is more intense than conventional yoga as it is always done in a heated space.

In an interview with Shape Magazine, Kaley deciphered that doing yoga five times every week has transformed her body. She also attributed her toned and sexy body to 100 percent yoga exercise. A yoga instructor from the Cleveland Clinic has stated that yoga is the union of the mind, body, and breath. Through yoga practices, you learn to calm your mind, relax your body and control your breath.

She Is A Gym Lover

In a video update a while ago in 2019, she was seen with her personal trainer Ryan Sorenson doing the side plank moves, dumbbell chest presses, squat hold, and kettlebell squat, among others.

Her former trainer George C. King once told Shape Magazine that the Wedding Ringer actress does many abs, arm, and butt-focused workouts, especially the squat jumps and the plank jumping jacks.

A Peek Into Kaley Cuoco's Diet

The 36-year-old tries to keep a healthy diet which involves eating tons of fresh foods, vegetables, and fish throughout the week. Kaley revealed that she has stopped taking meat, chips, and soda.

Per Rachel Attard, the Hop star takes peanut butter for breakfast, a sandwich or salad for lunch, and fresh fish with lots of vegetables for dinner. She grabs an apple with peanut butter or a vegetable-heavy smoothie when she craves snacks.

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