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Since she will be making her directorial debut with the upcoming film The Dating Game,

Anna Kendrick, who has been around for a while, appears to be moving her career to the next level. While the script was on the Black List and written by Ian MacAllister McDonald, Kendrick will play the lead role in the film, producing and directing it.

Although this is Kendrick's first time directing, she has produced before with her production company Let's Go Again, whose works include the Netflix series Stowaway and the HBO Max series Love Life. Kendrick said in a statement about the news that she was instantly in love with the script.

See some of her movies below.

Pitch Perfect

If there is one movie that Anna Kendrick is most closely associated with, it is Pitch Perfect, which comes in at number one on our list. Kendrick played the lead, Beca Mitchell, in three episodes of a hugely popular comedy series about music, starting with the first movie in 2012.

An aspiring producer, Beca joins her school's all-girl a cappella group, where she meets Chloe (Brittany Snow) and Amy and forms friendships that last a lifetime (Rebel Wilson). In addition to the film's comedic aspects, the Pitch Perfect soundtrack is memorable and features Kendrick Lamar's "Cups," which reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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A Simple Favour

A Simple Favor is one of Anna Kendrick's most notable movies. The film's plot unravels unexpectedly, and audiences are drawn to it by a trailer that never reveals what is going on.

Blake Lively portrays a mysterious and wealthy woman who builds a friendship with Kendrick's character, vlogger Stephanie Smothers after their children become friends. This bizarre, creepy story about infidelity will leave you shocked, perplexed, and completely taken aback because nothing is what it seems to be. Lively and Kendrick received praise for the positive reviews.

Rocket Science

Rocket Science, released when Anna Kendrick was only 22 years old, is her first movie other than a part in 2003's Camp. In the film, a stuttering teen who has a crush on one of the team members decides to join his school's debate team.

Even though this was Kendrick's first acting role, she demonstrated the qualities that would make her a popular choice. One of the things that made her stand out was her portrayal of debate team star Ginny Ryerson. She was a nominee for the Independent Spirit Awards' Best Supporting Female category.


Based on a true story, the movie centers on Adam (Gordon-Levitt) and those who are important to him after he learns that he has cancer at 27. Adam develops a bond with Katherine, the inexperienced therapist who Kendrick portrays.

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