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Elizabeth Hurley may have returned to mainstream fame in 2015 with E!'s The Royals, but she played a more prominent position as Austin Powers' love interest in the film franchise back in the 90s. Hurley and her co-star, Mike Myers, stole the UK's hearts with their on-screen chemistry in the spy comedy movie franchise.

The first movie's success led to the release of two more films, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and Austin Powers: Goldmember (2000).

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An Iconic Role In 'Austin Powers'

Never mind that Austin Powers was a parody of famous spy thriller badass James Bond, the movie raked in $676.3 million against a $112.5 million budget. It turns out people love comedies as much as they love action thrillers. It could also be because of the stellar cast line-up, including Michael Caine, Beyoncé, and Verne Troyer.

Hurley played Vanessa Kensington in the franchise's first film, where she wore her iconic silver minidress. She made a brief cameo before blowing up as a female robot in the second installment.

Being A Royal On Screen

In 2015, Hurley starred as a Queen in The Royals, now streaming on Netflix. She spoke on the series, saying it's silly, fun, and fictitious. She then added,

"It made me feel a little jealous because it really made me realize that on our show, you saw us out and about as royalty bestowing goodness and grace on the public, but then, of course, you went behind the closed doors and saw what we were getting up to."

When Queen Elizabeth died earlier this month, Hurley paid her last respects to true royalty via Instagram, saying she was cut from an extinct cloth.

Back To Modeling

Meanwhile, Hurley is brushing her modeling skills again as she becomes Karen Millen's muse/face for her Fall Icon line. She joined Helena Christensen and Paulina Porizkova as the three women modeling the collection. Hurley said she was honored and flattered to be a part of the series.

She looked good wearing the many corporate outfits in the collection, from pantsuits to coats and fancy formal dresses.

Filming 'Father Christmas Is Back' In The Caribbean

For Hurley fans, waiting to see her on TV wouldn't be long again as the actress returns to the screen for Father Christmas is Back II. Filming took place in the Caribbean Islands last spring-summer and ended shortly before June.

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