Vanessa Hudgens Steps Out In All-black Glam

Vanessa Hudgens
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Vanessa Hudgens always stays at the top of her fashion game, whether to channel a classy evening look or enjoy hangouts. The multi-talented star's recent outing had her glammed up in an all-black look which made a bold statement. Read on to learn about the routines that help her maintain beauty and pictures that prove they are valid!

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Bold Statement In Black

The 33-year-old shared a photo that kept Instagram on lockdown. She paired a black V-neck jumpsuit with a black coat, black clasp, ash-colored bag, and a pointed stiletto. Her sleek black hair was styled backward, complementing the look with a bold earring and a subtle smile. This look undoubtedly thrilled her fans, as it stimulated tons of likes and lovely comments.

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Selfcare Is A Religion

Before now, the Bandslam actress had an acne-prone complexion, but after turning 30, she started giving more attention to skincare than ever. Now, at 32, she has gotten to the point where she appreciates her skin even without makeup.

"It has taken me so long to get to a place where I like my skin. I feel good in my skin, I feel confident in my skin, I feel sexy in my skin without makeup". Vanessa examined how taking care of her skin has repaid her with body confidence.

The Cleveland Clinic explained that self-care could benefit your physical and mental health.

Vanessa Hudgens Skin Care Routine

For someone like Vanessa, who has oily skin, powder is quickly piled up into the skin. Hence, the first thing she does is to cleanse her face by removing a heavy layer of makeup, using the Know Beauty Purifying Cleanser.

After a long day of wearing makeup for eight hours or more, she uses her Know Beauty Bubbling Oxygen Mask to help her skin breathe again and leave it purified. Afterward, she applied a serum and a toner.

Then, she uses a Skin Gym Face Sculptor to have an aggressive rolling moment on her cheekbone, jaw, and neck to keep her skin tight and prevent aging. The Knight Before Christmas star hydrates her skin using the LAPCOS Collagen Lifting Sleeping Cream. She uses Fresh's Sugar Hydrating Lip Balm for her lip care.

She Eats Real Food

The Princess Switch actress does not eat processed foods or things that contain chemicals. Instead, she prefers to eat organically made foods. The Powerless celebrity described herself as a pescatarian and did not eat meat.

Vanessa revealed to Shape that she eats twice a day. Her meal plan includes avocado, vegan sausage, or healthy bread for breakfast. What she has for dinner depends on her mood. Even though she is conscientious of what she eats, she sometimes listens to her body.

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