Christie Brinkley Looks Fit Working In Her Garden

Christie Brinkley
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Christie Brinkley has thrived in her chosen profession as a model. She has been in the spotlight since the early 80s, still looking beautiful as ever. One thing that contributed to her successful career is her ageless looks. Even at 68-year-old, Christie stays as fit as a fiddle.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

Gardening With Some Spice

In an upload she made on Instagram a while ago, the multi-talented star looks half her age. One would argue that there is no way this beauty is 68-year-old.

In the snap taken in her garden, the TV personality looked gorgeous in a pink-bloomy dress, which she complemented with a jungle boot. She held on to a cultivator as she posed for the camera. One of her followers commented with the word "Hot," while others sent fire emojis and many likes into her comment space.

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She Follows A Rainbow Diet

The supermodel has been a vegetarian since she was 13. That's consistency at its peak!

According to DailyMail, she takes raw oats with berries and nuts for breakfast. Greens, salad, and proteins (such as beans and nuts) for lunch; vegetables on bean pasta, rice, grain, or quinoa for dinner.

Speaking of her meal habit, the mother of three told The Cut, "I've always fed my children, my family, and myself a rainbow of color a day."

She Keeps Her Beauty Routine Simple

The SBLA brand ambassador keeps her beauty routine simple and mild. She swears by the SBLA beauty products to get what she wants regarding her skin.

The supermodel explained in her post, "I keep my beauty routine simple; I use sunblock and @sblabeauty every day. I love knowing that under whatever sunblock or makeup I use, that I have powerful ingredients working for me, giving me both intermediate and long time results".

She Gets Enough Sleep, Exercise, And Stay Hydrated

Getting enough sleep is one of the four things that helps the model maintain a youthful appearance. She also takes tons of water to stay hydrated.

The Cleveland Clinic Stated that getting enough sleep (of seven to eight hours) daily can help to keep the heart healthy.

The Supermodel has managed to maintain a workout routine over the years. Although, she switches it up. In an interview, Christie told The Cut that she does not work out at one precise moment a day. Instead, she tries smaller workouts (like dancing) whenever she is free.

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