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Eva Longoria gained worldwide fame and stardom for her role on Desperate Housewives and was a show regular between 2004 and 2012. Since then, however, the actress has added more feathers to her cap, including producer and director on the critically acclaimed TV series, Devious Maids between 2013 - 2016.

She also directed an episode of Why Women Kill, three episodes of Black-ish, and an episode of Jane the Virgin. Longoria continues making her mark as a Latina woman in Hollywood and wouldn't stop now. Here's a look at some of her notable projects.

Devious Maids

Due to the drama and storyline of Devious Maids, it's easy to see how many fans wrongly thought it was a spin-off of Desperate Housewives. Although it drew inspiration from the hit TV series, Devious Maids differed in cinematic universe and characters.

It told the stories of immigrant maids living in America and trying to make ends meet. Longoria acted in one episode (Season 4 Episode 1) as an actress in a movie but quits due to a back and forth with the insufferable Mrs. P.

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John Wick

Longoria didn't shoot any scenes on John Wick, nor did she appear in any capacity, but she served as an Executive Producer. This means she contributed financially to the making of the movie and got profitable returns.

The directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch thanked her for the check despite never meeting her once during the creative process. John Wick: Chapter I's budget was $20 - 30 million, and it recouped $86 million, inspiring three more sequels.


Longoria directed an Episode of Black-ish in 2017 alongside lead actor Anthony Anderson. Season 3 Episode 24 Sprinkles touched on a serious topic despite the show being a satirical comedy.

It's fitting that Longoria directed the episode concerning childbirth and pregnancy complications. The episode earned a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb, Vulture rated it 4/5, and Rotten Tomatoes had only glowering praise for the episode from four critics.

Current Projects

With the evidence of her success in Hollywood, Longoria is taking her influence further by contributing to Latinx creators' development in partnership with TikTok and Macro. She shared the news via Instagram, saying,

"...We cannot properly tell these stories without our own voices. These creators are true visionaries and we are excited to continue to champion them beyond this partnership and watch their projects come to life."

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