The Movie Role That Changed Peyton List's Career

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Transitioning from a child star to a major superstar in Hollywood isn't an easy feat, especially for Disney and Nickelodeon proteges like Peyton List. However, some roles help these actors break out of the child-star lane and join the big leagues. It took Cobra Kai to make that leap for List, who gained popularity playing Emma Ross in the Disney sitcom Jessie and the younger version Katherine Heigl in the rom-com 27 Dresses.

Tory Nichols In Cobra Kai

List joined the Cobra Kai cast in Season One as Tory Nichols and rose through the ranks as she became a fan favorite. She started as a guest star, but the production bumped her to a series regular following interactions from fans. With Five seasons down, the reboot has gained its cult following separate from the 1980s franchise.

However, the recent Season Five release on Netflix ended with List leaving the dojo to pursue Terry Silver. Even if that's the last outing we get from List on the series, she's done a great job proving she's a good actor.

Celebrity News

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Emma Ross In Jessie

In Jessie, List was Emma Evangeline Ross, the only biological child and eldest amongst Morgan and Christina's children, all living in New York. The rowdy group included Skai Jackson, who also made a name for herself playing Zuri (one of the adopted kids).

The Ross children were a menace to their babysitter, Jessie (the titular). List's ability to balance ditzy blonde with wits put her on the radar of some of the top producers in Hollywood.

Stuck In High School Again

Although she's leaped into the big leagues, List, 24, is still stuck playing high school roles. It's not a weird thing in Hollywood, especially when actors look like List (this month, we had Camila Mendes signing off the typecast role in one last hurrah).

List is the first name on the Paramount + upcoming series School Spirits. She is also appearing in the movie Shriver which is already in post-production, although its release date isn't yet announced.

Update On School Spirits

School Spirits draws its storyline from Maria Nguyen, Nate, and Megan Trinrud's graphic novel of the same name. Its first season would have eight episodes and premiere on Paramount + next year, although the exact date isn't listed. TV Line got exclusive looks into the series, including pictures of the main cast in a classroom.

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