Florence Pugh Looks Fit Rocking Pink In Paris

Florence Pugh
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Florence Pugh stays a certified fashionista, and it is a perfect blend with her penchant for staying healthy. The beautiful actress shared a snap on Instagram looking fit in an outdoor snap while showing off her flawless sense of style.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

Looking Gorgeous In Pink

The Fighting With My Family star shared a picture on Instagram. In the snap, she wore a pink dress, which she complemented with a pink block heel.

Leaning on the balcony rails, her blonde-wavy fell freely around her shoulder, as the camera captured her alongside the nature view.

Her fans were thrilled by her gorgeous looks. In return, they sent out lovely comments and likes in her comment section.

She Eats Healthy

The Midsommar star loves a healthy breakfast that is filled with protein. For breakfast, the actress feeds on two boiled eggs, and she's ready for the day. The Cleveland Clinic recommends protein as a healthy nutrient that helps in metabolism. When it comes to snacks, Florence loves smoothies with some protein and bananas. An alternative to that is peanut butter.

"If I don't have anything to dip into peanut butter, I chop up a few carrots. Carrot and peanut butter are actually quite nice," Florence told Harper's Bazaar.

Her favorite lunchtime meal is a spicy salad, and cheese boards, with some crackers for dinner. The Little Women star doesn't restrict when she feels peckish or becomes a sweet mouth. Once in a while, she still grabs a cup of ice cream.

She Has A Workout Routine

The Black Widow swears by the power of kickboxing and Crossfit to keep fit. She also engages in intense squatting. Another thing the Amy March actress loves to do is dance. Her dance updates on Instagram tell it all.

For the Black Widow Hero, dancing is more of a hobby thing than exercise. In one of her Instagram dance uploads, she wrote, "This is my procrastinating, doing another set of ab dance". 

She Wears A Sunscreen Before Going Into The Sun

Florence maintains a beauty routine to keep her skin flawless and ever-glowing. Although most of her beauty products contain sun protection factors. The Little Drummer Girl actress still uses Suqqu's Nude Wear Liquid SPF to get a perfect look. 

"The finish is beautiful, so lightweight and fresh," the actress told Refinery 29.

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