Kendall Jenner Goofs Around In An All Black Outfit

Kendall Jenner
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Kendal Jenner is famous for her good looks and modeling skills. The supermodel has walked on some of the world's biggest runways and she won't be toning down her style prowess anytime soon. She shared an intriguing snap with her Instagram followers flaunting her phenomenal figure.

Read on to learn about the routines that help her stay beautiful and pictures that prove they work. Don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

Kendall Goes Conventional

The Kardashians star shared a picture of herself on Instagram posing in a black knee-length skirt. This beautiful outfit was paired with a matching black top. A simple style but captivating!

 Kendall's outfit accentuated her trim figure like a second skin. It also drew attention to her long-toned legs.

Her sunglasses and black unisex shoe, added pop to the look, while her bob-straight hair relaxed on both sides. Her fans were thankful for sharing such loveliness and flooded her post with 2,600,000+ likes.

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Recalling The Defining Year Of Her Career

The runway model has every reason to be grateful. In an interview with Vogue's "Life In Looks" series, Kendall remembered her debut show which was in 2014, she was 18 years old at the time of this show. It was a Marcs Jacobs fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz fashion week.

Being her first show, it is evident that the memories still linger in her head. She wore a brown, nipple showing, V-neck long-sleeve sweater, and khaki pants. Speaking about her first time as a runway model, she said that the feeling was overwhelming.

How Kendall De-Stresses

The 26-year-old has battled with anxiety since childhood. In a quest to overcome that, she discovered an unconventional but helpful way to deal with it. Per DailyMail, the reality star takes care of her mental health. She drinks mushroom tea instead of coffee, sleeps for eight hours every night, meditates, and does daily exercises and sound baths.

"If I have time in the morning, and I don't have to rush out, I sit in my room, do some stretching and deep breathing. As I do that, I will hit my bowl several times," Kendall explained.

Clinical psychologists from the Cleveland Clinic recommend deep breathing and other meditation practices to alleviate stress.

Kendall Cherishes Meditation

Kendall has mastered the art of enjoying a little peace and quiet before bustling off into the busy world of being a celebrity. The star practices deep breathing and stretching as a way to start her day. She indulges some extra time if she has no rush-hour appointments. While at it, the KUWTK alum hits her bowls, which contributes utmost meditative sound waves

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