Alexandra Daddario Puts Toned Torso On Display While 'Lounging'

Alexandra Daddario
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Fitness is good business, and Alexandra Daddario knows it all. Coupled with being one of the mainstream stars in Hollywood, Daddario is blessed with some unique features. The actress also boasts an enviable trim figure thanks to consistency and a wellness routine that keeps her agile. In one of her many inspiring posts on Instagram, the True detective actress wowed her fans while effortlessly flaunting her form and looking breathtaking.  

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

Figure For The Win

The 36-year-old movie star seemed to be at home, and in her elements ass eh posed for the snaps. Daddario sat on a beige lounge chair with throw pillows for comfort. She slipped her fit figure into two-piece casual wear that included a grey crop top and matching booty shorts. The star kept her feet protected in a pair of socks while looking like a certified runway queen.

She posed without fuss, propping her upper body on her arms while supporting her head with one palm. The Percy Jackson actress let her brunette mane fall to one side as she gave the camera her signature piercing gaze. The pushed-up position left the mid-riff exposed, giving fans a glimpse of her flat tummy. The star completed her pose by curling her legs and thrusting one hip forward.

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Inside Daddario's Penchant For Wellness


Since her Baywatch days, Daddario has owned a body to die for and has kept it that way many years later. The star is quite invested in her fitness and all-around wellness lifestyle. Amid her booked-up schedule, rewarding movie roles ,and marriage, Daddario stays consistent with mind-body practices. In one of her chats with Women's Health, she discussed some wellness practices that have kept her alert and on the go.

Two of Daddario's go-to are acupuncture and hot yoga. Speaking of acupuncture, the San Andreas star noted that she was "obsessed." Per Cleveland Clinic, acupuncture is typical to traditional Chinese, and its aid in alleviating health conditions, particularly pain in body parts. Acupuncture requires needles that rebalances the body by releasing chemicals for immunity.

Building Strength


Besides the holistic approach to her health, Daddario works with her personal trainer, Patrick Murphy, to build strength. The Mayfair Witches actress indulges in full-body workouts, including dumbbell rows, dynamic bridges, Bulgarian split squats, walking lunges, and clamshells. Once speaking about working with Murphy, the Emmy-winning actress stated:

"I feel stronger and healthier — even more so than I did in my 20s,’ Alexandra tells WH. Ok f’real, where do we sign up? My back doesn’t hurt anymore, my posture is better — his approach is to keep you feeling good."

Rest Days Are A Necessity


While working to keep her body and mind alert and fit, Daddario knows there is na eed for recovery. This has to do with her rest days. According to Murphy, rest days are very important and "also include a neighborhood power walk." While recovery includes rating, some body work is also required to stay in shape. These include training like trigger therapy and lymphatic massages.

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