Miley Cyrus Poses In See-Through Top And Underwear

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Miley Cyrus has been on social media quiet since her festival tour during the summer, but we have fans keeping up with her old posts. The singer came out in September to celebrate the life of her friend, Taylor Hawkins, the former member of the Foo Fighters.

She performed Photograph by Def Leppard at his memorial concert per his request. While fans enjoy her occasional performances, they're also reminiscing on old times, like when Cyrus chopped her hair off.

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Showing Off Her Body

Cyrus stunned in a sheer cropped top with bikini bottoms accentuating her toned abs. The singer wore her blonde hair in a cropped mullet and glammed up in bright red lipstick and thick black eyeliner.

She also accessorized heavily with silver multilayered necklaces and bracelets. Cyrus' outfit choice showed off her tattoos scattered across her arms and upper body.

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A Tribute To Taylor Hawkins

For her Taylor Hawkins tribute with the Foo Fighters, Cyrus wore a skintight mini-black dress, a low-waist belt, and black knee-high boots. She wore her signature mullet in a tousled bed-haired look with a black highlight in the back.

As usual, she gave an electrifying performance of Photograph per Hawkins' last request while eulogizing him for being a friend when she first moved to L.A. Cyrus grew up on a secluded farm with her famous family but moved to L.A. when she started acting and singing post--Hannah Montana. 

Cyrus thanked Hawkins for being a friend when she needed one.

Supporting Her Mother Through The Divorce

The Cyrus family is going through changes with the recent divorce of Tish and Billy Ray, plus the announcement of the latter's engagement with a lady younger than Miley. According to an E! source, this development strained Miley's relationship with her father as she got closer to her mother.

Also, she has no relationship with the Australian singer now dating Billy Ray, Firerose, despite meeting on the set of Hannah Montana. 

Avoiding Her Father

Miley unfollowed her father on Instagram, and he did the same to avoid seeing loved-up pictures of the new couple. They also told E! that Miley believes staying away from her father is the best thing to do now.

She still wishes him the best but doesn't put much effort into getting to know Firerose. It's not the first time Tish and Billy Ray would publicly call it quits, but this time it seems final with the engagement to Firerose.

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