Scarlett Johansson Monitors These Two Things To Ensure She's In Top Shape

Scarlett Johansson rocks short brown hair and dramatic purple makeup at an event.
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For fans of the Marvel universe, Scarlett Johansson's name is synonymous with Black Widow. The 37-year-old actress has played the role of Natasha Romanoff since 2012, releasing the Black Widow standalone movie last summer. Although she's taken on other action roles over the years, this is the one part she's been training for consistently for nearly a decade. How does she stay in such great shape? Find out below.

She Monitors Her Stress Levels

According to Scarlett's long-time trainer, Eric Johnson, one of her top priorities in staying action-movie ready is stress management. Scarlett actively keeps on top of stress with strategies like massage, breathwork, sauna, or cold exposure in order to allow her body to recover from all the intense physical training.

Sleep also plays a major part in maintaining her top-notch fitness level, so she always makes sure she's well-rested before her next training session.

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She Loads Up On Protein

Many professional athletes say that fitness begins on the plate and that's also true for the Avengers star. Aside from keeping stress under control, she carefully monitors her diet to make her workouts as efficient as possible. That means getting plenty of protein, quality carbs, and fat to keep her muscles strong.

"Nutrition is one of the best ways to make sure she has recovered from everything on her plate – no pun intended," Johnson told Women's Health magazine last July ahead of the Black Widow release. "So, we want to make sure she is eating enough calories for this."

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She Works Out Every Morning

Morning workouts are another way Scarlett stays in peak physical condition. The actress starts off her days in the gym even when she's off duty. When she's filming, she basically lives at the gym, although Johnson stressed that her workouts fluctuate in intensity depending on her needs -- whether it's an upcoming stunt or a specific exercise designed to improve her strength and flexibility, such as a pistol squat.

She Keeps Her Workouts Varied

Scarlett shakes up her routine by incorporating elements from the workouts of professional athletes, including powerlifting, bodyweight, and bodybuilding. She also integrates yoga into her exercises and alternates between routines that help grow new muscle tissue and the so-called metabolic work, which involves intense conditioning exercises that test her limits.

Equally important, the actress switches up her routine depending on the role she's training for. Although most action scenes require strength and metabolic conditioning for her "to handle that workload without being injured or having her performance slip," explains Johnson, some roles are more physically demanding and need special preparation.

This often includes anaerobic exercise, such as hardcore HIITS and Tabata, which force her body to work with limited oxygen and, therefore, work harder.

Scarlett has been working with her personal trainer since 2016 when they met on the set of Ghost in the Shell.

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