Alexandra Daddario Shows Off Backside While Skinny-Dipping

Alexandra Daddario with side parted hair and red lips.
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Alexandra Daddario treated her Instagram followers to an eyeful while on a tropical vacation for the holidays. The 36-year-old actress bared it all while skinny-dipping and had fans shocked over her steamy but tastefully done nude pics.

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Alexandra Bares It All

Wearing nothing but her birthday suit, the White Lotus star posed with her backside to the camera while enjoying some pool time. Teasing the public, her husband, Andrew Form, strategically positioned his thumb to cover Alexandra's behind.

"Take a vacation from your problems, Bob," she captioned the sizzling post, which gained over three million likes.

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Holiday Getaway

The viral pics were taken from Daddario's holiday getaway to Costa Rica. Followers couldn't help but send her love in the comment section. Many joked that the thumb was obstructing the view and wanted the photographer to move his hand away.

"What a back.🔥🔥," one person wrote.

"Take off your hand from my view ❤️," another one said.

Sunbathing In Hawaii

The brunette beauty loves to treat her followers to bikini photos. Last year, Alexandra also showed off her beach body while sunbathing in Hawaii. She was wearing a multicolor-striped bikini while she lay on the side of the pool, taking in the warmth of the sun.

Topless Pose

Alexandra's skinny-dipping nude pic is the first time she has bared it all on Insta. She had already posed topless on social media before and the pic got almost 4 million likes! She covered her breasts with her hands and looked alluringly at the camera.

She Loves Exploring

Traveling to new places is one of Alexandra's favorite luxuries. She shared in an interview with Forbes how much she loves going on adventures.

"I just love experiencing something I've never experienced before. It brings a little extra magic into my life to have that sense of wonder."

Keeping Fit

The actress works hard to keep her body fit all year long and her hard work definitely reflects in her toned physique. This is why she loves being in a bikini - to celebrate the stunning body she works so hard on!

"I believe in being comfortable in our own skin, not putting pressure on ourselves or the way that we look and accepting ourselves as we are," she previously told People.

No Photoshopping Needed

Being an ambassador for Aerie, Alexandra is committed to celebrating her body positively. Photoshopping is not necessary because being real is way sexier.

"I think it's so wonderful that Aerie is a brand that doesn't photoshop their models, and they promote just being yourself and being confident and comfortable in your own skin."

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