Bella Poarch Drenched In Paint While Naked In A Bathtub

Bella Poarch sporting pigtails on the red carpet.
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Bella Poarch is taking bathtub dips to a whole new level. The 25-year-old artist posted a hot pic to wrap up her 2022 and fans were pleasantly surprised at her seductive photo, which featured the social media star drenched in yellow paint while naked in the tub!

Scroll down to see the steamy pic.

Yellow Bath

The TikTok sensation posed naked in a bathtub, with her whole body covered in yellow paint. The next photos in the carousel showed Bella casually goofing around and half-cleaned up after the shoot.

"Thank you 2022💛," she captioned the pics.

"Um? do we get an explanation?" a follower commented.

"What the hell," another one said.

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Living Hell

The shocking images are from Bella's Living Hell music video, where she took a dip in the tub and emerged naked while drenched in yellow paint.

The video was released last year and gained over 20 million views.

It's About Her Childhood Trauma

"Living Hell is a story about my childhood. It’s a story about how I struggled growing up inside a real-life living hell in a tiny room in the Philippines. My whole life, I’ve been trying to escape my childhood trauma, my living hell, and no matter how much therapy I do, no matter how much medicine I take, and no matter how far I try to run away…it always comes back to haunt me," Bella explained on her YouTube upload.

Her Yellow Room

Bella explained in a lengthy Instagram post that her old room back in the Philippines was yellow. It had a lock outside so that she couldn't escape. She also dedicated the song to others who may be going through their own living hell.

"To anyone who is also going through their own living hell, you will escape and I'll be right there by your side. This one's for you💛"

Going Viral On TikTok

Bella got her start on TikTok, where she went viral for making cute faces. She eventually transitioned into being a musical artist, proving she had real talent and an impressive singing voice.

Build A B*tch

Her TikTok fame helped propel her music career and grow her audience. Her debut single Build a B*tch was a great success and became the biggest debut ever for a new artist. The empowering video now has 439 million views on YouTube.

Walking For Fenty

And she's not stopping there! Bella has crossed over to doing fashion shows too and has walked for the Savage x Fenty show twice now. She proudly showed off her sexy wet look wearing fishnet lingerie and sky-high platform heels that almost broke her ankle!

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