Demi Rose Enjoys Hotel Breakfast In An Open Gold Robe

Demi Rose
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Demi Rose is enjoying her terrace breakfast in an eye-popping look as she flaunts her fabulous figure in an open robe. The British model, 27, is known for flaunting her feminine curves on social media, and this share definitely delighted her 19.8 million IG followers.

Always Room For Breakfast

Demi Rose model
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Enjoying a luxurious terrace overlooking clear blue oceans, Demi soaked up the sun while also enjoying a massive breakfast spread as she sat at a table.

Sizzling in a plunging and long gold robe with two thigh slits, the social media star put her shapely legs on show, also big-time flaunting her cleavage as she went shirtless and braless beneath the robe. Demi posed with closed eyes as she exuded total bliss.

Appetite Of Champions

The ex to rapper Tyga had juices, coffee, eggs, and various baked goods all laid out in front of her. She was seen sipping from what might just have been a mimosa.

The post came as a gallery, with further images including Demi modeling a green dress and cowboy boots while sauntering around in the sun. A more demure and also sexier shot showed the bombshell in a plunging black dress peeping a mesh bra - here, she sat on couches from inside a boat while enjoying the open water. "Recently," she wrote.

Egypt Travels

Many of Demi's recent posts have placed her in Egypt, where she toured the sights and enjoyed the perks of some very swanky hotels. Demi's breakfast post has now topped 280,000 likes.

Eating Disorder Reveal

At the age of 24, Demi went public with her past eating disorder battles, where she weighed as little as 80 pounds during her sickest. Sharing skinnier and healthier photos, she wrote:

"So yes, I have been skinnier. But I got myself back on track through the years.

Now I eat well. Have a great diet and ever since I have been 18 I have been working with a personal trainer or by myself in the gym 3-4 times a week. God bless those who have ever suffered with an eating disorder or are suffering now."

Turned Her Life Around

Demi Rose model
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Demi added: "I changed my life around. No longer were restricting myself and constantly taking pictures of myself week by week getting skinnier and skinnier."

Demi is now the picture of health!

Fave Foods!

Demi is known for loving seafood, vegan chocolate cake, plus fresh fruit. She also adores sushi!

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Demi Rose
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